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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTelain
SpeciesDomestic Feline
Weight180 - Mostly in strong calf muscles
SummaryI'm Telain, a domestic kitty that's very mischevious. I like to cause a little trouble, but all in fun, I do feel bad when what I do hurts someone. I get very affectionate with some that I care a lot about. I like video games, paintball, DDR, and computers. I'm a poet, writing when I'm inspired, but mostly I'm a network administrator.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTawny - light, orange-ish tan
Hair Colourgeneral fur
Eye ColourGreen with flecks of yellow
Clothingdark shirt, blue jeans
Accessoriesblue breakaway collar with tag and silver hoop in left ear
Outstanding Featuresstrong legs, bouncy movement

Personality & Background

PersonalityRandom, fun, sarcastic
BackgroundNothin special, just an Oklahoma boy
LikesComputers, DDR, video games, art, fun people
Dislikesjerks, opera, unintelligible rap/other music
LocationCentral Oklahoma
OccupationNetwork Professional

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