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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSleet
SpeciesFox (Arctic)
Weight150 lb
Summarynota bene: The following only reflects my fursona as a character, not as me. This version of my furry self is more closely known as doppelgänger, and as such has some differences to my human appearance (besides the obvious). Chale Skyler, his actual name, is just a moniker (utilized to hide my name.) Sleet has no actual reference to my fursona or Doppelgänger; but it is my used furry IRC nick.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPure white; his left paw has black fur.
Hair ColourBarely present; just a patch of longer fur betwixt his ears.
Eye ColourAn extreme dark brown
ClothingA plain blue shirt (if a shirt is worn) and black baggy jeans with a dragon design on the left pantleg. -never- wears shoes.
Accessoriesa gold ring with a ruby
WeaponryHis Mind. After having suffered severe head trauma (whether it be from physical or mental pain is still a mstery), he entered a coma, during which he stumbled up the world within his mind, his Temple of Meridia. There he excersized his mind and became a psionicist, or 'omnipsychic.' He can do most everything that falls under this term. (Telekinesis, Pyro/Cryo-kinesis, psi spheres, Bubbleshields, etc.) [If weapons must be used, he is proficient with staves or dual pistols]
Outstanding FeaturesA supremely large (and poofy! ^^) tail A black left paw Big feet :D

Personality & Background

PersonalityVery intelligent and softspoken, but fiercely loyal and overly self-sacrificial. Seeming cold and distant during harsh times, he is also warm and friendly when in good humor.
LikesVoiceless music (be it calming or energetic); Camaraderie; Contemplation
DislikesOppression; Depravity; Exploitation; Jerks; Mimes
LocationBeing a wanderer, he has no set home.
OccupationNone; though rumors have spread of his starting a misunderstood underground psionics cult geared towards benefactoring through the mind.
Additional InfoHe may exist during the past, present, or future settings ,depening on the mood of yours truly.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI had never known, never even imagined for a heartbeat, that there might be a place for people like us. ~Denis Johnson

Stay in Contact

MSN(ask for it through AOL or Yahoo)