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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMr.Skylar
SpeciesRed Kangaroo
Height190 ft
SummaryBefore, you stands a handsome male (Red Kangaroo is his species) as you notice he is strong, he likes keeping strong and in fit great condition. Lemme tell you a bit about him. He's a very nice guy, very shy male at first but great to be around once you know him. He does what he can to keep people happy. He's just a kid at heart :P. He's the kind of guy who dosn't like starting fights, basically if your a butthead he'll just ignore you. Basically, he just dosn't like stuck up people, who think there better then everyone else. He always thought were all the same :). He's a cuddler if your sad or just want a cuddle please be free to ask he won't bite unless asked to. He's been in the fandom for about 14 yrs, he just never had the time. To get online and make friends cause of work and IRL issues. But now he has the time and is looking for the fun he's been missing. Well in the furry fandom he wants to try to become. a Furry Adult Enternation for the lovely ladies and the stud males. Yes he is bi. But mainly sways more to the female's but he still loves playing with the guys. And herms are hot aswell. He does love giving out free body messages and enjoy's teaseing. But that's for PM privacy. [[[[[THE 14 YRS IS HOW LONG IRL I HAVE BEEN IN THE FURRY FANDOM :p]]]]

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourshort, red-brown fur. white belly fur from under his muzzle to down between his legs, with black fur on the tips of his ears as you notice on his long thick tail you see a black tip on the tail. :P (*chuckles* Dipstick :P)(Yes I do make fun of myself :P )
Eye Colourbrown eyes
ClothingHe wears a black sleevless shirt with GODSMACK across the chest of the shirt on the back of the shirt you notice a red roman number 4 from the bands newest album. As it is his favorite band. He wears a pair of white track pants with black double stripes on the sides from the hip down to his ankle.
AccessoriesMy feet and long thick tail
WeaponryMy Feet and long thick tail and my XXXX
Outstanding Featuresathletic body as he likes working out lifting weights and such he also has a silver goatee. You notice on his right ear, 3 earings on the lower part of his ear. they are silver in color as well as his silver ball necklace around his neck. when he sticks out his tounge at you, you notice his silver tounge barbell pericing. ( I think it's good for me to use on some *ahem* very stimulating) on his expert long kanga tounge.

Personality & Background

Personalityopen minded a person who just loving have a life. If you have a negative attiude plze don't talk to me intill you calm down.
BackgroundHe's just a guy who's just trying to make a life in the furry fandomw. Hopefully oneday he can.
LikesSnuggles, Stomping, girls, cuddling hot guys, He likes UFC (ulitimate fighting championship)
Dislikesmean people who don't have a open mind.
OccupationHopefully a co-owner to a local furrie porn studios.
Additional InfoJust a fun loving Kangaroo who's looking for real true friends not someone who just wants to screw ya over.

Just for Fun

HomepageComing Soon
Favourite QuoteDrop it likes it hawt.-Snoop Dogg

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