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Gimme the bag Genji... if he finds out, I'll just put him in my collection.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameZack
SpeciesHalf Demon/ Half Human
Weight136 lbs.
SummaryThe crazy killer that always goes hunting heads. Zack is indeed slightly errated when it comes to fitting into society, but none-the-less, he can be a good partner at any given time; and sometimes even work for the right things: ofcourse, when he's under the right influence. Reckless, fast, and somewhat loud and uncaring, Zack makes a perfect killing machine emotionally and physically. There isn't much to discuss. When he was searching for his best friend, he ended up being transported out of his own world and into this new one... and, although he preffered his own, he enjoys the current one he's in.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSkin: white.
Hair ColourBlack hair.
Eye ColourDark blue.
ClothingA ninja suit that has been cut at the leggings and at the sleeves. And a pair of pants. An item belt where he carries his vials and other assassin items. Then he has an armor set made of Black Dragon scales. It includes a breastplate, two gauntlets and two boots.
AccessoriesA red bandana with a black japanese kanji-looking symbol that represents 'sky' tied around his right bicep. This used to be the mark of his Assassin clan: The Red Sky Assassins.
WeaponryA set of Fire Katars attached to the gauntlets he wears, two Mini-Swallows, claws at the end of his Black Dragon Gauntlets and Boots, a set of vials and tools of poison and other biohazardous chemicals. He is also somewhat of a pyro, able to control fire up to an extent. If he becomes too irritated, his half-demon form may be ignited, and release his inner-most powers...
Outstanding FeaturesHis dark-blue eyes and half-demon aura.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA freak. Nothing else to explain. Zack really does have some kind of weird attitude towards the dead and towards killing. He can be sociable at times... it's just better not to get on his bad side, lest you provoke him.
BackgroundIt is unknown as to who his parents really were, but truth is, he doesn't give much of a damn. In the first years of his life he lived with an old man, and then he was picked up by an assassin clan that showed him the ropes. One day, an assassin clan attacked his own, and with the help of some heroes he allied himself to, he found out and defeated the enemy clan that had killed off his family. After a while of meeting the heroes, he simply walked off with Genji, his newfound partner, and eventually they both became best friends... and pilfered and killed and became infamous throughout the Shoaru region and it's Empires and Dynasties.
LikesUhm... collecting heads, slashing, running really quickly, stealing, killing... uh... mocking the dead... uh... umm... That's about it.
DislikesUh... I hate it when people's heads are too weak and they break off my hand. That sucks. Also, when I can't kill people cuz I've been told not to, but they pissed me off. That too.
OccupationAssassin and murderer. He tends to kill for money, but sometimes, when asked to, he'll kill for the hell of it.
Additional InfoHe's psychotically insane, I know. But get to know him. He's not half as obnoxious as Genji is and might actually give you a good laugh or two. Oh, yeah. He collects the heads of most of the things he kills.

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