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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLeon Alexander
SpeciesWolf Pup
Height5' 11
Weight170 lbs
SummaryLeon is a charming wolfboy who attends a private boarding school. He's a bit sheltered and innocent, and he constantly reaffirms his belief that love will save all people who believe in it. To match his personality, he constantly eats sweets and candy, even though it gives him tooth and stomach aches from over-eating.

Outward Appearance

Eye ColourGreen, kept behind glasses.
ClothingNormally, he wears a traditional boy's uniform. Grey School blazer, Plain white shirt, top button fastened, blue tie, Black shorts, white socks, Plain black shoes. He also owns a boy scout uniform which he wears when camping.
AccessoriesOccasionally, when out of uniform, he'll wear a brown leather collar with a tag bearing his name.
WeaponryNothing but a winning smile and self esteem!

Personality & Background

PersonalityTypically hyper and bouncy, very loving and gentle, underlying fear of personal weakness
BackgroundWas raised on a small farm in the middle of the country before being sent off to live in boarding school.
LikesSweets, compliments, cake, waffles, dancing, singing, acting, flowers, charming older boys
DislikesCleaning his dorm room, having nothing to eat but school food, people who don't try hard enough, his own limitations, obsessive fangirls
LocationSt. Liore's Academy for Boys
OccupationStudent, Library Pageboy, School Idol

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"It's easiest to shine bright if you're surrounded by morons." ~ Physics teacher. "But don't always assume that the easiest path is the right one." ~ Leon