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Rian by TeTarga

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlexRian
SpeciesFox + Wolf = Folf
Height4' 1
SummaryRian is a young arctic folf cub. White fur all over, messy untamed headfur and black eartips. Light brown eyes. He loves to play and make friends and he really likes to have fun. He has a few people he knows well, other's he doesn't know at all but they know him. He loves his daddy very much. He has no siblings. Currently in the third grade, he dislikes school and really hates math. He loves to write and color and draw. A big-boy at age eight, he occasionally likes to be babied like a toddler. Despite his dress in the image, he's pretty much a normal eight year old folfboy. What's pictured is bedtime when he's in more of an infantilistic mindset. He's mostly independent and can do everything by himself, but at times, he'll get clingy and dependent to the people he trusts. He enjoys doing things that make others proud and he loves getting praise and attention for it. Down below is more info on the lil cub.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite fur all over.
Hair ColourMessy and untamed from the constant ruffling of it from grown-ups.
Eye ColourLight brown, shiny and just gleam innocence.
ClothingDepending on the time of day and the weather outside, Rian can be wearing different types of clothes. During the day, his favorite outfit is a t-shirt with his favorte cartoons characters, some pants and velcro-strap shoes. His socks always have a character he likes on them. At night however, he might be wearing two-peice jammies, printed bottom, charcter top or footed one-piece pj's. If it's a rather warm night, he might be wearing on a shirt and his cubby print underoos, or maybe just in his underoos on his own. He enjoys showing them off.
AccessoriesHe usually drags his 'Daddy' wolf plush. It makes him feel like daddy's always around. Rian sometimes talks to it and imagines it talking back, as if it was daddy. He uses it to help him make decsions.
Outstanding FeaturesRian can read at a sixth grade level, but only do math at a second grade level.

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly, playful and funloving.
LikesVideo games, cartoons, music, spending time with daddy and being taken care of by him.
DislikesBrats, screw n' chopped music, onions, papaya, those black jellybeans, mean people.
Occupation3rd grade in school and just a lil folfboy.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"The only way to know to teach children is to remember being a child yourself." -Don't remember. On the door of a daycare on the way to school.

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