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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRexx_wolfe
SpeciesWolf a BIG wolf mos tof the time
Age Unknown
Height varible

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour slate Grey With lighter chest and belly Darker markings typical to wolf. his tail tip is black
Hair Colour Dishevled dark brownor charcoal grey with natural streaks of Golden yellow.
Eye Colour Grey like clouds overt he ocean Or a blueish grey of slate. This is an eye colour that often appears greenish or blue in certain light.
Clothing Shorts mostly being macro fur clothing is expensive hard to obtain And getting A peoper fit a nightmare. He does have other outfits formal and informal. He prefers his clothingto be semi lose form defining but with breathing ( growing) room.
Accessoriesa thick gold necklace with two noticeable pendants One being a Small red and white Canadian flag. (Icly he's been there and enjoyed it IRL he lives there) the other being a green and white Jade pendant.
WeaponryNone in the traditional sense. But can use swords, Bo staff and other weaponry if needed often a well placed paw or fist is all he needs. Given his size and build few pick fights with him. He doesn't use his powers or skill unless prevoked or asked to display them. For example Rexxwolfe is Antimagical thus magic is often simply canceled out sometimes rather violently. Afterall when anti matter and matter particles collide they destroy one another using Magic on Rexx is dangerous for his and others health. He can control this ability to an extent. He is also a size shifter his normal state is giant how large a giant he won't tell anyone. But because he is in a state of flux from the accident his size often changes with little warning especially when tired or under stress. Yet for the most part He only uses his size the rest one will have to find out the wolf needs to leave a few cards to play you see.
Outstanding Features He is a very heavily muscled wolf ( not a hyper fur however) becuase of a thick pelt one sees the general lines of the major muscle groups and can tell his Muscualture by his walk and his overall shape. Unless he actually flexes or uses that particular musle does one grasps what power lies hidden under that pelt.

Personality & Background

Personality Generally a friendly sort of fur who is willingt o accodate many different types of folk. Likes ot have fun and enjoy time with frieds his down fall is Hes a proud creature and his firendly nature can lead him to get used. Or once one angers him he can remain sour for a good while. A senstive type and a thinker. Emotional tot he empathic level. he is the type to actively seek fun or cause mischief or help his friends when they need it. fiercly loyal to those who earn his deepest trust He often plays Dumb or ignorant to things. When the truth is he's been around a long time and knows a lot more of what is going on then he'll ever let on. A good listener and easy to talk to. So the long and the short Loving caring loyal open minded warm teasing playful mischevious fun lover, intelligent The negative is irritable moody, possesive ( what wolf isnt) territorial, agressive and if its real bad he can get vengeful. When angry hurt ot upset allt his gets tossed out and another Rexx may surface but thats another story.
Background Rexx came froma world that was dying from a terribel space disaster a meror shower rained down with some comet debris as well and basically ruined the ecosytem His people made a gateway to another world where a colony was being made. He was going through the portal when a terrible accident occured and he was flung out of his universe and out of space time in the accident eft him alone on another world. Where everything wasnt right everything was VERY tiny. Thelong and the short is the accident left him wandering until he came to furry where he found a way to stop shifting out of one universe to another. Along the way he had many jobs and often accquired abilities or skills. The worst part is He doesnt know how old he is as it seems hes been gone a long time yet has aged very little. Rexx himself Has a long past and many questions he has yet to have found answers too.
Likes Honest furs. Hanging out socailising, Goofing off, size play, teaching, Working out, Macro related activity. Meeting people. mischief trouble. wrestling. Hugs, paws, muscles. drinking eating etc Ask him if you need more. There are lots of things I like.
Dislikes Liars, Users, Hypocrites, Judgemental furries, Shallow people. People who play games to get popular. Holier then thou attitudes. People who think they can manipulate others through alts. Snobs, Abusive types. War mongers, racist prejudiced, Suck ups. Crowd followers. olives, anchovies etc If you need more ask me.
Location furrymuck BFCC campus Tapestries muck And occasional vists to other mucks.
Occupation Before he joined furry he was a techicain for a renowned enviromental scientist. After his home was lost he wandered doing many jobs from lumber jack to demolitionist to landscape renewal. And yes even took his clothes off for bridal showers. You name it and he may have worked there awhile. Currently He works occasional favor jobs but a bulk of his time is Spent at BFCC in the guidance dept. He acts as a mentor to some students Shoulder to cry on Career conselor, And handles some other duties typical to guidance staff. And he recently got drafted into teaching Khan's weightlifting class.
Additional Info More detailed bio will eventually be placed on my website or if you want the ten cent version of it ask me I tend to get wordy and over detailed;)

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