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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZyreist
SpeciesCopper Dragon
HeightVariable, though standard assumed height is 2 Meters when anthro, 4 meters when non anthro
SummaryShort and quick: I'm just a big cuddly copper dragon, I don't like discomfort, but I'm perfectly happy to curl up with someone feeling particularly cuddly. I'm not exactly huge by dragon standards, but in relation to most others, my non anthro form at 4 meters tall from foot to head(that's height not length!) I'm considerably larger than a common anthro... my anthro form of course is more reasonably sized, at 2 meters tall (very rough estimate for those who don't do metric, 1 meter=3 feet) The only real differences other than comfortable stance with build are rather, uh, personal, so if you really want to know, just be cuddly and I'm sure you'll obtain quite a deep understanding of those, differences.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVarying shades of copper, an oxidized green near the edges of membranes, such as cheek/ear fins and wings
Eye ColourBlue
AccessoriesThe Wand of Unspecified Results(TM)!
Outstanding FeaturesOther than the frilly cheek fins and unusual scale colour? not a whole lot.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGeneraly happy, easily destracted and quick to point out the humour or irony in most if not anything. Tends to hold a grudge if you can manage to actualy offend him, which takes a LOT of effort. Generaly speaking, just a loving individual, a big cuddly dwaggy who'd love nothing more than to just curl up with a friend.
LikesIn relation to others: Females, some males, cuddling, phins, most things with scales, some things with fur, and the occasional feathery thing ;) In relation to hobbies: drawing, tinkering, programming, paintball.
Dislikesfighting, pain(it hurts!), general unhappiness, you know, all those unpleasant things.