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Wruff! Foxdie Ghia in Second Life

Vital Statistics!

Character NameFoxdie Artlite
SpeciesFox / Werefox
Weight20 Stone
SummaryFoxdie is a fun-loving, caring and intelligent fox, although he ate too much spinach as a kid with the notion from his parents "you'll grow up big and strong!".. problem is it worked a little too well.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourStandard fox colourings, brown body, greyish underbody and neck, very dark grey paws
Hair ColourCurrently au-natural
Eye ColourSky Blue
ClothingOptional! But when I do wear them they're usually cargo trousers and a t-shirt
AccessoriesThe collar to his pack leader Iyeyasu Muromachi (Second Life), sometimes reading glasses.
WeaponryVaries, doesn't usually carry one on display but sometimes appears with either a Katana, Yumi (Samurai Longbow) or a Naginata.
Outstanding FeaturesThe fact he's 8ft tall and built like a brick shithouse?

Personality & Background

PersonalityFriendly and outgoing, empathic and caring, very laid back (too much so sometimes), lazy
BackgroundFoxdie grew up being picked on for his size, he got through life by keeping his nose to the ground and staying out of the way, now as he's grown up he's quite the opposite, he gives a damn about people and wants to help where he can.
LikesComputing, snuggles, Second Life, IRC, IM, music, airsoft, tinkering with electronics, most popular foreign foods,
DislikesPeople with a big ego, those that don't treat others fairly, people who hurt others intentionally, and most especially, those that hurt animals.
LocationBirmingham, England
OccupationSecond Life: beta within the muromachi pack, helps to maintain family resources and take care of friends in distress Real Life: computer repair technician and sales clerk Other jobs: Channel admin of #northukfurs on FurNet, Network admin of Anthrochat (squirrel.anthrochat.net:6667)

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoteohmygod!

Stay in Contact

AIMFoxdie Artlite
JabberIRC: Foxdie on Furnet, Anthrochat and Quakenet