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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKe'nak Nyakhe
SpeciesN'khaeri (Anthropomorphic lizard)
Weight160 lbs
SummarySpy, assassin, and general rogue, Nyakhe does dirty work for a mysterious group of interstellar power brokers and criminal masterminds. With an acid tongue and a dark sense of humor, he tends to repel people, although he can be friendly enough once you get to know him. Physically, he's a lithe and agile creature, with lightning reflexes and an athletic grace to his movements that shows his expertise as an acrobat and gymnast. He hates clothing and goes completely nude whenever he can - which is most of the time, as his genitalia are concealed when not in use. In general, Nyakhe is a creature of the night who watches people for amusement - and the rare possibility of finding a friend.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMedium green, uniform color, although the scales have a different texture on his ventral torso.
Eye ColourLiquid yellow, with a slight ophidian vertical stretch. The sclera are black, not white. Pupils gleam when viewed from a certain angle as cats' do.
ClothingNone as such; frequently wears a utility belt and sometimes a bandolier to hold weapons, tools, money, etc.
AccessoriesA set of simple gold wristbands and anklets, and a tail ring of the same design. Sometimes a steel or chain-link collar, when he feels like it.
WeaponryProficient in unarmed fighting and basic combat magic; also generally carries a pair of phase daggers (enchanted with dimensional magic that allows them to pass through nonliving material). Uses other weapons as circumstances dictate, including swords, spears/glaives, and firearms.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAcerbic, cynical, and suspicious in general; tends toward overconfidence at times; cold and calculating for the most part, but surprisingly intense and passionate about some things; friendly enough once you get to know him, but still somewhat abrasive.
BackgroundHatched on Kaios Prime. Member of the Y'sen tribe, and still considers his 'home' to be the complex of volcanic caves that houses their colony. Shortly after reaching maturity, at age 16, became involved in a series of misadventures that left him by necessity in the company of the quasi-political Asinidri organization, of which he is still in the employ. His species usually eschew the ease of civilized life, preferring the challenging struggle for survival that marks their savage culture, but Nyakhe finds great satisfaction in facing the danger and intrigue of the underworld.
LikesDarkness, clever tricks, gymnastics, sunbathing and saunas, dancing, aesthetics, utilitarianism, altered states of consciousness, sleep.
DislikesClothing, muscle-heads, bliss ninnies, stupid people, fat people, contact sports, "the finer things in life", prudishness, laws.
LocationNever in one place for long; has widespread missions and spends a good deal of his time aboard starships.
OccupationCovert operative, performing the functions of spy and assassin as well as other dirty work. Has some rank and occasionally oversees field intelligence groups.
Additional InfoHas an addictive personality, which is common for N'khaeri. In mating, instinct takes over completely and they more or less lose conscious control of themselves; this gives them a psychological predisposition to crave the feeling of surrender to a sensation. On an unrelated note: Nyakhe's biggest problem with the life of an underworld operator is the inability to trust people. This tends to wear on his psyche, and is the cause of his general cynicism.