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Mal relaxing in some seedy dive

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMal
SummaryA scruffy loveable scamp, always dirty and dusty. He's very affectionate and caring and almost never angry, violent or upset. Loves to joke and laugh, always up-lifted and free spirited. Need a shoulder to cry on? then he's there for you.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite, black tail with white tip
Hair Colourwhite
Eye ColourBlue
Clothingfeels comfortable in denim jeans, loves his Western trenchcoat however on a hot day likes to wear a T-shirt with a '<3' logo
WeaponryUsually pacifist, keeps two webley revolvers holstered to his belt, grendades and assorted explosives line his coat, a retractable Katana attached to his belt and a winchester rifle slung over his back
Outstanding FeaturesBlack ring of fur over his left eye

Personality & Background

PersonalityA fun loving, emotionally and physically affectionate, caring and sentimental guy. jokes around so much he is never taken seriously
BackgroundRaised in happy family, he had a good life in a good home, until a tragedy tore his family apart, distraught, he left home and began a new life. Craving a simple and content lifestyle, he began moving from place to place doing oddjobs for whoever he met.
LikesLaughing, being tickled, bars and cafes, getting lost somewhere new and sharing the weight of other people's problems
Dislikesnothing really
Additional InfoBi-Curious.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotehot sex, it's whats for dinner