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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLyana "Lya" Lime
Weight101 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Hair ColourPale blonde and down to her shoulderblades, her hair is slightly curly and almost always obscuring her view. Normally worn loose, she sometimes pulls it into two, thick braids, worn at the low-sides of her head.
Eye ColourHer eyes are of the clearest blue hue, though they darken and lighten, dependng on the situation she is in and what she says and does.
ClothingWhenever she wears clothes, which isn't very often, it either consists of a bathing suit, just because, or a flimsy summer dress, none of the articles covering up much but her essentials. Sometimes she just pulls on a pair of ultra-short shorts, no top included.
AccessoriesShe carries around a backpack, the contents of it varying greatly, from raw eggs to pies, and though they vary greatly, they almost always are some kind of food.
WeaponryShe uses her speed, claws, and teeth as her weapon, though she can manipulate the element of air, which she uses to boost her speed, and she directs with a silver, simple staff.

Personality & Background

LikesShe loves having attention on her, and then some. She likes just about everything.
DislikesIf she likes everything, what can she dislike? Besides having attention stolen from her.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteMy legs are best friends, but even the best of friends must part.

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