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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLeon Rivers
Height6' 5
Weight 234lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown with a touch of black.
Hair ColourDark brown and spikey.
Eye ColourEmerald green
ClothingWears a pair of brown jeans with a black lather belt around his waist. On his feet a pair of dark brown boots. Also wears a red t-shirt that has a picture of a shield with a large black X on the chest. A black leather jacket on over the t-shrit that has a canine skull with thunderbolts crossed beneath it.
AccessoriesCarries a silver pocket watch with a chain connected to his belt and a second chain that's connected to his wallet. A chain around his neck that has a dagger shaped pendant on it.
WeaponryA large pair of broadswords called Ronik and Manero that can connect at the tips of their hilts. Also carries a combat whip and a set of throwing knives. Also carries a pair of .45 long barrel magnum semi-auto modified handguns.
Outstanding Features x shaped scar over his right eye. Toned Muscular body. His right fang is made of metal (that doesn't conduct electricity)

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's a good guy, got a short temper on certain subjects among other things. He's easy to get along with when he wants to be.
BackgroundLived his life from a rich family, always hated it though so he decided to go against family wishes and become a biker dureing his high school days and leave it to say since he got his family so angry he also decided to go one step further and become a mechanic of sorts. He crafted his weapons himself, except for the guns. Though they are the only weapons he ever made. He has a good knowledge of street fighting and a certain bit of martial arts with magic. Learned a spell that will allow him to heal fast. He has recently discovered he is a half Demon and thanks to some training on Desert's part has discovered some new powers and contiues to find other new powers.
LikesMessing with people, haveing fun causeing a little trouble.
LocationKelic city in his two story Garage
Additional InfoIt may take him a while, but if he over does it with his magic he will become tired rather quickly. Drives a Harley Fatboy motorcycle with a top speed of 180mph. Opened a second garage/Convenience store. Has got a new Cadilac Elderado.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI reject your reality and substitute my own! ~Adam Savage