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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShinzo
SpeciesHalf-fox, half-wolf
Height6-500 feet
Weight200 pounds at normal height

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourReddish-brown body with a white belly
Hair ColourSilver
Eye ColourDeep blue
ClothingA white tank-top and some cut-off shorts.
AccessoriesDog tags.
WeaponryOccasionally uses a revolver, but it's rarely necessary.
Outstanding FeaturesNothing really special...

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet and reserved most times, but ready to fight when necessary. He has experienced much pain in life, which makes him reluctant to get to know people. He's no fool, and if you try to trick him, he'll retalliate quicker than you can blink.
BackgroundShinzo once led a normal, peaceful life. That all changed at age fourteen, when his father died. It was no accident; the company his father worked for didn't want their precious employee to know the real reason why he created growth chemicals, so they used a prototype on Shinzo's father, knowing it would send him on a rampage and lead to intervention by the authorities. Shinzo would have been blissfully unaware if this...if not for the security cameras he installed. It wasn't long before Shinzo reclaimed the growth serum that had been stolen from his father and disposed of it the only way he knew it wouldn't be misused: by injecting it into his own body. After destroying all major facilities of this company, effectively causing enough damage to bankrupt it, Shinzo went into business for himself as a macro-for-hire. He has made quite a few enemies...
LikesMartial arts, chocolate, most anime, nice people
DislikesMegalomaniacs, Hamtaro, excessive violence
LocationWherever business is good.
Additional InfoSpecial Abilities Iron muscles: an effect from the growth serum, bullets and shotgun shells bounce of Shinzo at his normal height, and the toughness only increases as his size does. Size-shifting: Shinzo can increase his size to up to 500 feet tall, but becomes feral if he stays for too long at any one size. Unshrinkable: another special ability of the serum, Shinzo immedaitely recovers from any shrinking down to heights below 3 feet tall. If someone tries to shrink him down smaller than that, Shinzo multiplies indefinately at a rate of about 500 doubles per second until his body can recallibrate him to normal size. Martial arts: Shinzo is skilled in the art of Chinese Kenpo. Hacking: Shinzo is an expert hacker. He can use a cell phone to hack into normal computers, and can do even more with more advanced equipment.