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Just your standard portrait... colored.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTavis
SpeciesSnow Leopard (anthropomorphic)
Age30. =o_o;=
Height5 ft 6 in (or ~168 cm)
SummaryTavis is a friendly purple snow leopard from Texas! Odd mix, huh? Wait 'till you get to know him.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourFur is dyed purple with darker nearly black purple spots, rather atypical for a snow leopard. The fur is rather thick, and tends to fluff at the undersides of the tail. Spots do not appear on his chest or on the undersides of his paws.
Hair ColourHead fur is relatively shorter than but spotted like fur on the rest of his body. His cheek fur spreads outward, and his whiskers, while there, are nearly invisible. The lightness along the underside of his body begins just behind his chin and down his neck.
Eye ColourHe has dark brown eyes, almost black.
ClothingOn very casual times, he would be wearing shorts and a t-shirt since it's comfortable, but likes dressing up on occasion. He's equally comfortable in a collared shirt and slacks, or a slightly more professional suit and tie.
AccessoriesWell, he's not into accessorizing, but he might have on hand either a camera or the occasional small gadget. He does have a knack for small electronics, but will usually also have a drawing pad and pencil for traditional artwork.
WeaponryHe clearly isn't the fighting type, though he may sometimes have a gadget swiped OOC-ishly from a roleplaying story such as from Project Imagine.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIs rather creative and can take on various moods depending on how inspiration hits or how other people around him are feeling. He can be a playful innocent kitty to some and somehow manage a serious conversation elsewhere. A romantic at heart, but can trip over random oddball stuff along the way.
BackgroundNot much to say. This furry form is mostly based on the real Tavis, but adopting the snow leopard traits from one of his earliest roleplaying characters, Atonic.
LikesPURPLE! Oh, that, and the usual cuddly stuff. Sometimes a thought-provoking conversation will get him going, and other times, he likes seeing art by friends and strangers alike. A kid at heart, he also like a variety of stuff like origami, Lego sets, paper planes... a total gadget freak too.
LocationPretty much same as the real guy; lives near Houston, Texas.

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MSNtavis (hotmail.com)
Jabbertavis.rules (gmail.com)