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Your [mostly] standard sexy Renamon

Vital Statistics!

Character NameJessy L. Renamon
AgeUnknown (Looks 18)
Height6.022 feet
Weight"Until Death Do Us and that Information Part"
SummaryYoung femme Renamon, currently single and flirty. Must like baseball and fighting.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourYellow and White
Hair ColourYellow
ClothingUsually seen wearing her school uniform or baseball outfit, fighter clothing, and normal casual clothing, it depends on the mood and what she's doing at the time. She often forgoes clothing altogether in the right situation.
WeaponryOnly the standard Renamon fare at the moment.

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenerally nice person, if a bit flirty at times. Not your typical average Renamon in that retrospect.
BackgroundShe somehow found a way to get out of the Digital World and into this one some time back, and has been making the most of her time here since that point.
LikesBaseball,fighting, being attractive, taking charge of things.
DislikesDeath/Vore, smoking, drinking, drugs, and some of the more specilaized areas of furrydom. Please ask if you're not sure.
LocationLurking somewhere in your computer... you just haven't found her yet.
OccupationShe participates in organized fighting for money, also moonlights as a starting pitcher for the local female baseball team.