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Vital Statistics!

Character NameZiggy aka Number 9
SpeciesNorway rat

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey/blue fur with white markings: legs white to the knee, arms white to the elbow, white belly and a white blaze on face. Tail is half grey.
Hair ColourBlack with a blue tint. Short, scruffy.
Eye ColourBlue
AccessoriesAlways wears a spiked dog collar with tag
Outstanding FeaturesWhite blaze on face

Personality & Background

PersonalityAnti-social, intelligent, lazy, self indulgant, creative, obsessive, sarcastic, loyal, quick to anger
BackgroundZiggy started life as a black blazed rat, but all her other markings were the same. Black isn't my favourite colour to work with, and it can be a bit restricting, so I changed her colour to blue; my favourite colour.
LikesWeed, alcohol, music, sleeping, being outside, Slipknot, pepsi, chocolate
Dislikeschatspeak, anyone who preaches at others unasked(christians, vegans, vegetarians, anti-drug people, whoever it may be) people making assumptions, people making excuses for their own or other people's failings, people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions
OccupationDoes a rat need an occupation?

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