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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJacques
Weight145 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey.
Hair ColourGrey and white.
Eye ColourGreen.
ClothingLarge, black t-shirt with the phrase "I only pretend to be slow" written in white on the front; baggy khaki pants.
AccessoriesBlack leather belt with two rows of silver studs, fake plastic barbed-wire bracelet, silver hoop earring in his left ear, chain wallet with a skull on it.
WeaponrySheer cunning wit.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has buck teeth and a jet-black nose. He's short and lanky, but powerful.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRebellious. Whether it's from a deep-seeded feeling of instability, an out-of-hand anxiety disorder, or his need for control over his own life, he is, on the outside, rather mean-spirited. Two-faced, even. Although most of the time he doesn't really mean to hurt anyone. At times, he can be the most loving person in the world. If you're on his good side, thank God, because he'll defend you to the ends of the earth. If you're on his bad side, I suggest you run. Fast. Now.
BackgroundHaving a very strict household as a young child, Jacques was always a rebel. His father left when he was very little, so he can't remember much about him. His mother took pretty good care of him, though, no matter what Jacques thought about her. Whether it was towards his elementary school teacher or to his mother, he would talk back with an attitude far surpassing his small stature. He always got picked on for being so short. When his mom discovered he was bi (she walked in on him and his 'friend' making-out in the living room), she had a flip-out and that just reinforced Jacques's negative feelings towards his mother. His mom would get mad and ground him whenever he brough home a failing report card (which was pretty much every time report cards were passed out), but that didn't rain on his parade too much. He'd either sneak out late at night, or just play first-person shooter games on his computer, closing the window whenever his mom came in, telling her that he was 'doing homework.' Jacques attempted to run away from home a couple times as a preteen, but never made it to his destination (France) for lack of money. He didn't like much about himself, but one thing he really did love was his name. He got pissed whenever anyone mispronounced 'Jacques' and, most of the time, slugged 'em one in the kisser.
LikesAnarchy, hanging out with friends, wreaking havoc, disobeying the law, gummy worms, spray paint/graffiti, playing guitar, carrot cake, comic books.
DislikesThe law, his/his friends' enemies, his mother's restrictions, cell phones.
LocationSomewhere in the US of A.