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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMonoshi Hidaka
SpeciesKimodo Dragon
Weight160 pounds

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlood red scales covering his entire body. He has but one marking, a bright green stripe that slashes across his face top to bottom, left to right. His feet are black, as are his hands.
Hair ColourHe has raven-black hair that falls to the nape of his neck. He rarely pulls it back.
Eye ColourBright green reptilian eyes. It's been said that they'll change to a deep amethyst color when he's extremely angry. This has rarely happened.
ClothingBlue jeans and black high-tops are his primary attire. He rarely wears a shirt, but when he does it's usually a simple red tank top or sleeveless T-shirt.
AccessoriesA black and yellow aviator's watch is always on his left wrist. His high school class ring, a gold ring wih a large green stone, is always on his right ring finger. A silver serpent pendant on a silver chain dangles from his neck.
WeaponryHis talons are the only weapons he has. Half-inch long, razor sharp talons on each of his fingers and toes.
Outstanding FeaturesAside from the green stripe in his face, he also has a silver "tattoo" on his left bicep. It is the marking of his clan, a clawed hand in the center of a ring of fire.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet and reserved, Monoshi likes to be alone most of the time. Years of solitude have hardened him, making him distrust people that are too friendly. He wants people to be honest with him, and will clam up when people start telling untruths. First impressions go a long way with him, and bad first impressions are never forgotten.
BackgroundMonoshi was born an only child to a lower-middle class family somewhere along the east coast. He lived with his parents until he was seventeen and quickly moved west, carrying with him a thousand dollars, a box of clothes, and his high school diploma. He has never been back home since, too poor to afford the fuel needed to return.
LikesSolidarity, books, wirting, technology, theatre, rain, good cheese, Italian food, friendly people, music, art, and playing the trumpet and the guitar.
DislikesStress, tension, cold weather, tough questions, dumb questions, illogical people, stupid people, mushy love stories, too much talk, and liver.
LocationMonoshi lives in Los Angeles, California in a small apartment in Panorama City near Burbank.
OccupationHe is a longshoreman, loading and unloading cargo from freighters and oil tankers at the local harbor. The pay isn't great but it's enough to feed and clothe a single male. His small apartment is evident of this.
Additional InfoHe has a nasty habit of "hissing" when speaking words that end in "s." He's broken the habit slightly, but still does it from time to time. The player desperately needs a commission of this guy! :)

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