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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRansom Darius Dracalis
SpeciesTabby Cat
Height183 Centimetres
Weight57 Kilograms

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRansom has a distinct appearance, with sleek, silver fur covering most of his body. The underside of his body, and his hands and feet, are white. All over his body, except his chest, he's covered in thin, abundant stripes. His stripes form a near solid line that follows his spine, all the way from the back of his head, to his tail tip.
Hair ColourSpiked. Always spiked. Ransom has had the same hairstyle since he was four years old. It follows the same colour patterns as the rest of his fur, but unlike the rest of his fur, it won't shed at a certain length.
Eye ColourThe eyes of this boy are a deep brown colour, with feline-slit pupils, and white fur around his eyelids. Viewing the world aesthetically, Ransom sees more than his eyes show him.
ClothingJeans, t-shirts, and unbuttoned over shirts. Ransom wears no logos or sayings, unless he made them. His colour scheme usually consists of black, blue, or white. He prefers to wear a long belt made from fabric, as opposed to a traditional leather or pleather one. The tabby also owns a leather jacket, which is similar to biker style, and leather gloves with holes for the fingers and knuckles. His footwear is low-ankle hiking, work, or steel-toed boots.
AccessoriesIn his left ear shines a small diamond earring, held in a white-gold stud. Chances are, it's worth more money than everything else he's carrying on him. He has never removed it. Around the tabby's neck is a thin chain, which he always wears, even when showering or swimming. Running around the right belt loops, on his pants, is a chain. It looks like a wallet chain, but actually serves no purpose, other than appearance. Other things that Ransom may have on him include a pencil, a small sketch pad, an mp3 player, and a cellular phone. If Ransom is traveling, chances are he'll have his electric guitar with him, and a small amp in a backpack.
WeaponryRansom likes to collect melee weapons, but finds a good pair of steel-toed boots more useful in a real fight. He is also a decent archer, but doesn't own a bow of his own.
Outstanding FeaturesRansom has twelve distinct, symetrical stripes on his face; two that look like thin human eyebrows, six above those, pointing mostly vertically, and two on his cheeks, mostly horizontal. He has some scars from fighting, but they are hidden beneathe his clothing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRansom isn't too outgoing. If you befriend him, though, you've made a true friend. He's the kind of guy that'd put himself in danger, without hesitation, to aid a friend. He's fairly reserved, and quite artistic. He doesn't openly express all his emotions, but shows them in his artwork, instead. Inside, Ransom is a mess of thoughts and emotions, but hides it with a cool demeanor, and sense of humour. He is generally friendly, and his gentle side really shows itself when he is with animals. Despite his good nature, he's no one-dimensional character; he has terrible contrasting wrath inside.
BackgroundRansom grew up as a middle-class guy, in a small city with a population of about 700 000, in the northern prairies. He grew up, known as the artistic kid throughout every school he went to. When Ransom was a teenager, he had his first macro encounter, after becoming stranded during a vacation. He befriended that giant, and she helped Ransom return home. Later, he discovered his own size-shifting abilities, as he met more giants, closer to home. His encounters with macros fueled him to enroll in BFCC, after graduation from high school. Ransom currently shares a dorm with Crux and Shaboigan.
LikesRansom enjoys all things artistic. He has had experience expressing himself in a wide variety of mediums, including sketching, movie production, digital music, electric guitar, animation, game production,
DislikesRansom dislikes ignorance, abuse, and evil. He hates to be betrayed. He's had "friends" turn on him, before. It hurts. More than anything, though, Ransom hates to hurt others. It goes against his heroic beliefs. He'd rather suffer the pain than inflict it.
LocationBorn and raised in the prairies, now lives at BFCC.
OccupationArtist; jack of all trades.
Additional InfoRansom is very close to his brother. He would die if it meant his brother's safety.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I am an artist; life is my canvas." - Me "Nothing is a complete loss, if you can learn from it." - Me

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