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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKazandra "Kat" Kaiju
SpeciesPsychic Dragon (Non-anthro)
Age5,000 (21)
WeightLike Im going to answer that.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPitch black, it shimers like a sea of tiny stars. Her armored belly is cerulean.
Hair ColourAn unruley mop of mint blue hair.
Eye ColourVoilet soft brown almond-shaped eyes with slited pupils like a cats, the heritage of her oriental mother. She has a third eye in the center of her forehead.
ClothingIn her anthro form she dons a formal kimono made of double-layered silk depict relaxing starscapes in gold tread.
AccessoriesAn ornate choker of a tightly linked trio of platinum chains beset with gems with a silvery blue, four-pointed metal star hanging from it.
WeaponryYour jokeing right?
Outstanding FeaturesShe has a cool crisp scent, like rain on a summers night

Personality & Background

BackgroundKazandra was but many of an overlarge brood of dragons birthed by the gigantic, venerable star dragon Lebra. "Kat" was, however, a freak of genetic mutation. Unlike her cluchmates she was born with a third eye and was capable of psionic powers instead of magic. Because of this she never truely knew what it was like to belong and felt the yearning to wander at a young age, frequently geting in trouble for exploring where her parents told her not to go. When a traveling circus rolled through her territory, "Kat" could not resist taking human form and observing the performers; Kat performed for them as well, astounding them with her skills in the mental arts and fasnateing them with the songs and storys of her draconic heratage. The troop begged Kat to join themů and so she did. She roamed with the circus for many years until she meet her mate Yuriko and stumbled upon possibly the coolest lair any wyrm can boast.
LocationThe Lost Star, an anchent airship of mysterious orgins.