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Vie, drawn by HoneyTail

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVie
SpeciesWere-Fox (Kitsune)
AgeAppears 21ish
Height5'4" (162cm)
Weight145lbs (65kg)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRust orange fur gently wrapping her athletic frame, giving way to the velvety cream fur found upon her underbelly; passion brown gloves cover her delicate claw-tipped padded forepaws. Her tail-tips dipped in that same passion brown.
Hair ColourEach wavy strand of long hair shaded with a charcol black, reaching just below her shoulders.
Eye ColourViolet. They often glow with a neon hue when she uses her magic.
ClothingWhen she wears clothing, which is not often, it is Gothic and/or Asian in style, near always something elegant and stylish. (Her opinion is that if she is going to cover her beautiful fur, it needs to be something more than casual)
AccessoriesTo be updated later.
WeaponryTo be updated later.
Outstanding FeaturesHer six, long, fluffly tails. Her violet eyes. A tatoo of a 'stared Taijitu' on her left shoulder.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySome things that can be said about her, is that she is; Blunt, Honest, Kind, Complex, and Friendly. The rest you will just have to find out for yourself.
BackgroundTo be updated later.
LikesMy /interest/ are; Shamanism, mysticism, buddism, paganism, occult, magick, metaphysics, hypnosis, transformation (species). Furries, Theriantropes, Shapeshifting. Anime, Computers, Roleplaying (both table-top variety & video games), White-Wolf Games/World of Darkness, Gothic Fantasy.
DislikesAnnoying people who can't take a hint. Stupid people. My job. Stupid people who also work at my job. Talking about my Job. Furs who are only after yiff. Furs who are shallow. DnD. Everquest.
OccupationSee Dislikes.

Just for Fun