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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDeagle
SpeciesGryphon (half avain, half canine..instead of the normal feline avain mix)
Age19 summers
Height3 ft at the shoulder, 6ft long from beak tip to tail base
SummaryHiya my names Deagle. I'm your less then average gryphon. Most ask about my unique heritage, which to put it short interspecies mating will do wonders on the gene pool. Either way I don't mind that difference, besides who wants to be part cat anyhow XP. Being part dog is awsome, its the bext excuse to get into trouble, plus doggy eyes gets me right out of it ^v^. So I'm off to go stir up some fun, catch ya later!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHead and chest feather are a stark white. the other plumage is a dark brown which extends half way down the fore legs and to his shoulder blader where his wings are located. After his feathers stop a coat of dirty blonde hair covers his lower canine half.
Hair Colourmy head is like a normal gryphons. My feathers a white and I have tufted ears like my kind normally has.
Eye Colourthey are a piercing blue, that hold a kind softness in them.
Clothingwhat does a non-anthro need for clothing
Accessoriesno pockets no thingies
Weaponryuh beak and talons and 240lb of muscle
Outstanding Featuresmy canine side, which runs opposite of most of my fellow gryphons feline side.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI'm a spastic, caring and loving person who is never above giving a random person a hug who needs one.
Backgroundnothing to special, just making my history everyday
LikesOther people Having fun Sunny days
DislikesSnowless winters Arrogant or mean people hatered
Occupationlearnin man (currently in college)

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIts either an erection or milharia...either way theres a shot to cure everything now a days