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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGarren Avern
SpeciesVampire Bat
Height7' 6

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDark brown
Hair ColourDark blue, it combed over to partially cover his left eye.
Eye Colourpurple
ClothingDark grey t-shirt with the picture of a celtic cross on the front below the cross it says: Loyal to code of Honor. Wears a pair of Blue jeans taht has a brown belt around the waist a silver colored belt buckle in the shape of an X. Over the T-shirt he has a long black coat with a hood upon it.
Accessoriesa Black Collar around his neck. Rolled up chains around both his forearms, the chains doubleing as weapons.
WeaponryPair of chains around his forearms they are rolled around his arms a bit thickly. He also carries Two swords with Serrated blades along with throwing knives
Outstanding FeaturesHis wings are on his back instead of along his arms?

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's allright guy once he has gotten to know you or vice versa though he is a joker at times he is also serious.
BackgroundWas imprisoned for 1 month of his 25year sentance for Murder, being placed in Grashi Prison He found a slight defect in security and exploited it, escapeing soon after gathering his thigns he stowed away on a boat and came to a new country. He is currently hideing in a city somewhere though he made sure no one knew of him as of yet, he mostly keeps to himself though he will occaisonally be social
LikesHaveing fun, hanging around. Messing with others.
LocationSomewhere around
OccupationEscaped convict from another country called Volerina.
Additional InfoControls various elements and has an innate ability for speed and strength. Prison number: FC286

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteKEEP OFF! It's impolite to walk on the dead.