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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMick Redman

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur color is the normal orange color with the creme white colored fur that goes from beneath his chin down his belly black "gloves" and "socks" on his arms and feet as well the tip of his tail the bit of white
Hair ColourHis head fur is moderate length and brown
Eye ColourHis eyes are a Ice blue
ClothingHe wears a pair of blue jeans and a black leather belt aswell a red t-shirt that has the number 80 on the back and the upper left chest
Accessorieshe wears a necklace with a flame pendant on it

Personality & Background

Personalityhe's very friendly and always acts nice to who ever he meets but he's not afraid to defend his friends
BackgroundGrowing up he went to a nice school though it was soon discovered that for some reason he wouldn't grow past his current height and was picked on for it at school though he still remeained nice and happy though now with the help of magic he can be whatever size he likes aswell as anything he likes
Likesnices people and a good friend aswell as the ocaisonal scritch
Dislikesjust people who are nasty and mean
LocationWhereever you find him.