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I dont have the perfect picture of myself yet, so this will do for now

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSawGunner Xu
SpeciesOther dimensional Winged Anthro Dragon, with some bronze dragon attributes
Age29 in earth years
Height5' 9"
SummaryIm a vet of the draconic army of the dimension known as "The Forbidden Zone". Now, I consentrate on my music, i play bass and keyboards. After my ETS, I escaped my dimension and arrived here. I have a lakehouse beside a mystical lake that seems to attract alot of furries and dragons. I'm very friendly, helpful, and hospitable. I will fight to no end to defend my friends. I love adventures and exploring new experiences.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed with Black tummy scales,standard horns, black scales on the bottoms of my paws. Long brown hair. Large wings and tail.
Hair Coloursemi long red hair, but i sometimes change the color
Eye Colourthey change color with my emotions: green (happy), black (sad), red (angry), blue (yiffy), purple (tired), pink (puzzled), off white (embarrased), silver (frightened)
ClothingOnce wore a uniform in the service, now I dont wear much at all. The most i do wear on occasion are baggy cargo shorts, denim shorts, or lioncloth. Always bearpawed.
Accessoriesguitars, pro audio studio, BR-1200
WeaponryM249, Mark 14, .44 magnum, Pulse Plasma rifle, Two-handed broadsword
Outstanding FeaturesLeather Pants, spiked wristbands, and chains, loves metal fashion

Personality & Background

Personality Usually quite friendly, yiffy, basically a heavy metal goth hippie (quite a combo, huh?)
LikesFriends, yiffing, snuggling, playing and listening to music (lots of hard rock/heavy metal/punk), swimming, fishing, deep discussions, horror and comedy movies, working out, eating, coffee and tea, being silly
DislikesHomophobe, posers who act what they are not just to impress others, losing at craps, EMO, beligerant drunks, illegal drugs (have nothing against pot smokers, i just dont do it myself), bad sex, heartbreak
LocationMy Lakehouse, on the internet (i really live in Berkeley Heights, NJ)
Occupationretired vet, musician, audio enginner
Additional InfoBisexual Male, but leaning more towards gay

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible." -Frank Zappa

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