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Me drawn by Angyl

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAdamWolf
HeightAbout 6ft
WeightAbout 180lb
SummarySlightly shy Grey Wolf with a passion for racing cars.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTypical mixed markings for a wolf, though darker markings along my back becoming lighter towards my front.
Hair ColourLong and blonde.
Eye ColourBlue with hints of yellow.
ClothingSometimes if I can get away with it I like to feel the wind in my fur, otherwise, I'll wear loose smart casual, wolves don't like being restricted, however, on occasion, I like to dress in cloths that do show me off a little.
AccessoriesA wolf paw pendant worn around my neck and my glasses.
Special AbilitiesDriving Skills

Personality & Background

PersonalityLevel-headed, mature, ambitious and pragmatic. Doesn't suffer fools gladly. Always willing to lend a paw for those in genuine need.
BackgroundA rural upbringing leading to an appreiciation of nature, both in her beauty and her harshness. Loved the intricacies of how things worked together and relied upon other things to work which led to an interest in mechanics. Working on cars apealed to my methodical thinking and practical abilities.
LikesRetro cars, mostly British and the classic fast Fords (MkI & II escorts, sporting sierras etc). Playing with race and rally cars and competing when funds allow. RC models. Nice people and tea!
DislikesShallow people, morons and french cars.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteWhen your racing, it's life, anything that happens before or afterwards is just waiting.

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