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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBianca Viola Madeleine Samir
SummaryAt 5'9" her lithe form is tall for her species and sex, though her height is often distracted by the wealth of her seductive curves, usually hidden by a tight comfy pair of dark demin jeans, hugging her hips snugly, paired with a soft silk tank top, hemmed with lace beneath the off the shoulder, long sleeved black sweater, and black high heels. Her blue sapphire eyes warmly welcoming to all who speak with her, as her easy charming smile is playfully beguiling. Normally found curled up in a comfy chair with a book, her long charcoal curls that naturally fall to her hips are commonly pinned back artfully with a pair of chopsticks, and a pair of small black framed glasses on her nose as she is engrossed with her reading.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDove grey fur speckled with black rossetts, along with a white ivory underbelly the white fur coating her stomach, breasts, under arms, inner thighs and under the base of her long fluffy speckled tail.
Hair ColourLong ebony dark curls to the middle of her back
Eye ColourBlue/green
ClothingChanges from day to day.
AccessoriesA sliver Saint Chris pendant on a thin silver chain that dangles down between her breasts.

Personality & Background

Personalitywarm and fun, easy going, and kind, good friend and someone with a sincere care for those around her.
LikesClean Likes: Reading, painting, writing, photography, film, theatre, dance, philosophy, theology, medicine, computers, teaching, acting, drinking tea. Other Likes: Bondage, punishment, rough play, humilation, pleasing, service, multiple play, being talked to in a dirty manner, name calling. [ask player before suggesting something extreme]
DislikesAssault of player without consent, rape[without consent], scat, water sports, the yucky side of s and m. No eye licking or any of that stuff please.[Using that as an example, I heard about it once and was shuddering in disgust]
OccupationTheatre teacher and coffee shop owner

Just for Fun