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Vital Statistics!

Character NameLord Madmartigan Ferike Rue
SpeciesShifter (current form: Feline)
Age30 (looks in his early twenties)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRouge-beigh, close-coated and soft to the touch. His color varies a bit if he shifts forms, but his skin beneath the fur is very pale and delicate, tinting his coat-color with the shadow of his blood.
Hair ColourWavy sable locks, black velvet on cream, flow free of ties or elaborate styles, affecting a youthful hint to his mature clothing and deportment. The length ends below his thighs.
Eye ColourRed as blood, sin and passion, and madness. Thinner orange details etch lines, glints of lava, in the limpid irises. Usually half-lidded
ClothingA supercilious fop sometimes--if only in dress--Madmartigan spends luxuries in gold for his outfits and their accoutrements. He favors tight fitting , mid-calf pants, buttoned above stockings, a tighter frock coat or lace poet's shirt, fine velvet overcoats, sweeping capes, hip-fastening wide-legged pants, tophats, gloves, exotica wear and all manner of other regalia.
AccessoriesParasols or canes of various types and makes, whips (he has the whole collection, from quirt, to cat, to riding crop, and the more intricate kinds as well as electric), swords, his favorite being the bastard overhand kind (just for show) and two crisscrossed knives, quite otherwise. His fingers (all six) are liberally sprinkled with rings, and indeed he favors jewelry to an extreme--pendants, belly jewels, bracelets and all the like.
WeaponryAside from above showy weapons, he carries little poisons (ever mindful of traitors) in secret compartments on his person and clothes. He is apt to carry a gun at times for the simple novelty of the sleeker weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesThe earmarks of aristocracy betoken him--the high bridged, thin nose, lush lips (a Rue expectancy) and body with sinuous elegance and curves, but male breadth and strength. His six-fingers reveal the downfalls as well as strengths to fine lineage--inbreeding, which also had a hand in his schizophrenic, if calculating and highly intelligent nature.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySensually insane, aesthetically violent. He can effect a calm and noble mood, but this only conceals his insanity, and if not very well, that is his choice. Though cruelty is his select mode, he can be gentle if interest and situation require it--or invite it. He's quite the schizophrenic, but has control over his various problems. He's quite the sadomasochist, usually dominant, unless he finds someone truly cruel who interests him.
BackgroundYoung Madmartigan sprang from foundations of cruel and despotic Rues, who nonetheless knew their place in the scheme of things. The younger son of Angele Rue, however, did not. Unlike his rowdy and elegant brothers and sisters, he spent his mornings at his window plotting grand schemes and dissembling who among his family were possible enemies. At his studies, he outlasted any of them in any area, due to eidetic memory and high intelligence--but as most gifts do, this had a price--his sanity. He began hearing voices and feeling odd sensations of fear and paranoia, not his own, and learned to suppress them, lest being labeled mad. His proclivities to sadism set that whisper runabout, nevertheless, as he grew and took his pleasures with the servants and slaves of the manor--and later, wherever he liked in the land. Without peer. Some said, but to be without a person at one's side, for ill or good, leaves one lonely, and he felt so--he sought lovers but could not keep them, except those he rented in pursuit of pleasures, or bought to continue them. Meanwhile, he rose to succession by impressing his father with accomplishments (military, as he'd gathered talent with a sword and strategy) as well as mediation, with which he had quite subversive talent. The king noticed him--and his daughter noticed him more--between these and a father's pride, if wariness, Madmartigan flourished like a shadow in falling sun. His reach grew--and before any knew its length, it fell too long. His elder brother attempted to rid the land of its obvious new successor--but Rue the Mad (so called) had him killed, and the rest of his family banished. He married the Princess--a delicate girl who died in childbed soon after, leaving him a pallid rose of a son, weak as the mother had been. In his early twenties, by now, Madmartigan attained more than any lord thrice his age managed--and now--with the princess's son from his loins, he wrested control of the country from a now doddering old man. He refused the crown in typical Cesarian fashion--styling himself Lord still and playing his own game with the other important people of the realm. He tends to travel often too--and leaves the land in the careful hands of those who wish not to lose their heads in betrayal--but who would probably, and do probably, plot so.
LikesSado-masochism, sexual games and intrigues, as well as the court-kind. He likes other people misunderstanding him--an odd trait, but it means he keeps the secret of himself well. He loves odd figures, conversations, wealth, oppressing his people and protecting them (the same thing, in his mind) and ruling them with similar tenets to Niccolo Machiavelli's 'The Prince.' He loves slaves and the slave trade in general. For quieter entertainment, he loves to read and indulge in learning anything to further his mind.
DislikesMeatheads, bunglers, bad minions and bad food. Ignorance in general disturbs him, but oddly, innocence pleases him.
LocationWandering, if not in his position of power, in search of pleasure or a lark often enough--though his darker forms of pleasure may not please all.
OccupationLord of greater Isthycia--soon closing on the current rulers as replacement--he also dabbles in invention and quite persistantly in slavery.
Additional InfoSexual Orientation: Bi-sexual--it varies depending on his mood and the person--if he wants you, he does, if not, than one may as well be the opposite of his preference.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot have both."