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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDio
SpeciesBat, of the muzzled variety
Age? (appear to be mid 20's)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMostly Gray, except for his black left ear
Hair ColourRed on the left side, black on right, longish but neatly groomed
Eye ColourEmerald Green
ClothingA pair of cargo pants to a red camo pattern and a studded belt, a pair of combat boots, black, and a well black leather worn leather jacket and a white undershirt
AccessoriesSeven earrings (2 in the right ear, five on the left) a pair of shackles with broken chains on his wrists
WeaponryVarious PSI abilities
Outstanding FeaturesHis hair, mostly,and his snakelike eyes. has a pair of medium sized wings Jutting from his shoulder blades, and a large number of scars. Also a small pair of horns poking out from under his bangs.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBrash, whismical, just a little egocentric, and at times, a bit abrasive... Despite all of this, he does seem to have a softer side, and his heart is in the right place
BackgroundDoesn't talk about it, it seems like a bit of a touchy subject
LikesLoud music, Trashy Romance Novels, Collecting Spare Change
DislikesKids, Hangovers, Being lectured
Occupation"Who's asking?"
Additional InfoFavorite Food: Gyuudon (Beef/Rice bowl) Least Favorite Food: Anything Pickled Theme Song: "I want to conquer the world" by Bad Religion