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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTalessa
Specieslatex dragoness
Heightseven feet five inches
Weight250 pounds
SummaryTalessa is a fairly well-built dragoness, standing at about seven feet tall with a wing span of almost twenty feet. She is not what you would consider thin, but far from fat. She looks strong too for her size, apearing as if she works out fairly often. She has three sets of breasts going down her chest, each adorned with items of jewelery. There are also three rings in each ear, and several other places, why not ask about them? ;) All the rings are rather thick as well. The only thing that's weird about her is that she is made up entirely of pale green translucent living latex, right down to the rings.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourgreen translucent scales
Hair Colournone
Eye Colourblue
AccessoriesRings and piercings in various places ;) Ask me and I might just show you where!
Outstanding Featuresmade totally of living latex

Personality & Background

Likesim heavily into bondage and bdsm, along with the rougher kinks out there. i also like to explore new things as well.
Dislikespeople who complain to much. i highly dislike pointless bickering.