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Vital Statistics!

Character NameXanaphia
SpeciesWhite Rabbit
Height5 foot 10 in
SummaryBefore you stands a male snow hare. He looks to be in his mid twenties and stands about 5 foot 10 inches. His lop ears fall back behind his head, semi stiff but still never rising far past his tightly pulled short ponytail. His hairstyle only accents his semi-effeminate look, a long set of bangs often hanging to the left side of his face, leaving anyone who stares long enough wondering. Other than the piercing in his ears the only other jewelry he wears is a silver pentagram he always wears on a silver necklace. His bright white fur is well kept and fluffy, only adding to his medium build. He is not quite fat but not thin either, just perfect for a bunny. He blinks a bit and churrs, his brown eyes gazing back to you, filled with the wisdom of many lifetimes yet still maintain a playfulness. Around his torso he wears a tight sleeveless shirt and over that a large button-up t-shit hanging open wide. Both black like everything else he seems to wear, he obviously enjoys the contrast of his cloths and fur. The material of the over shirt is fairly shiny. He wears a pair of black slacks as always, somehow preferring them to denim. They almost conceal his strong lapine things, although their mass is still a little evident behind the cloth. This is especially evident when you catch a good glimpse at his bottom though the pants, topped with his trademark extra fluffy lapine tail sticking out of a custom hole right below his belt. His large lapine feet are actually covered with a custom set of boots, very elaborate and possibly a bit heavy, especially considering how they are both solid leather and steel toed. A bunny has to protect those sensitive feet you know. As he catches a glance at you he smiles, while he can often seem vibrant and outgoing in a crowd he often becomes bashful during a one on one encounter, resorting to just a simple sticking out of his pierced tongue as a hello.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, of course ^.^
Eye ColourBrown
ClothingHe likes to wear black casual cloths to offset his white fur.
AccessoriesSilver pentigram necklace, earings and a tongue stud.
WeaponryHe is very anti violence but he has been seen with a tazer every once a while.
Outstanding FeaturesLong lop ears. He is also very fluffy

Personality & Background

DislikesViolence, agressive behavor, vore, fleas

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotemeow