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I'm like this but in furry wolf version

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAxel
Agedied at 19 but he has 80
Height7ft but he can change to any size he wants
WeightTake a good guess

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed and black, but he always has clothes same color as his fur
Hair ColourBlack reddish
Eye ColourOne black and the other red
Clothinga red and black coat with an ensignia engraved in the back and pants same color as the coat
Accessoriesnormal glasses but the red eye covered by a black lens
Weaponry2 powerful .50 magnums with the name "eExecutioners" and a coffin attached to his arms that he uses either like a huge blaster or to swing it to attack with great strenght.
Outstanding Featureshe is dead, but thanks to an experiment on him he is back and can change size at his will, he doesn't feel too much pain and has the ability to regenerate himself from any kind of wound.

Personality & Background

Personalityhe doesn't speak too much, but he explains very well what he wants
BackgroundHe was a 19 year old red and black wolf that like guns too much and become one of the most skilled gunslingers and became a legend, and some how he got involved in a gang fight and was killed, but then a mysterious doctor and his crew pick him up from the fight took over, the experiments were meant to revive the dead and make an army of undead people who were very skilfull on firearms, thought they didn't know that he was still with the memories of being killed, after they woke up Axel he started destroying everything and leave the place in flames, now he ventures the world as a bounty hunter seeking a place where he could call "Home"
Likespeace, but sometimes he is wild up to the limit when the time comes
Dislikesbad people and evil corp. that try to do harm to the world
Locationanywhere in the world
Occupationbounty hunter (either for the money or he just wants to do it)
Additional InfoHe sometimes wanders off on BFCC

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThe best killer is the one without a soul

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