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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRonack
Speciespure white poler bear
Age18 on july 6
Height10 ft 3 inches
Weighttries to keep thin at 300 pounds
SummaryHe's big and good more of a hermit Ronack lives alone in the far north but always welcomes company,he rarely gets to his largest being that he would need to carry the artic circle on his back to keep him from passing out.otherwise ronack is a rare breed in animal and in personality

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourwhite
Hair Colourwhite but for a black nose
Eye Colourblack bear eyes
Clothinga large button up shirt with a design of black dragons on them ,he wears no pants but his fur covers up his lower body to avoid being rude but when he builds up his muscle to such a huge point he wears a pair of black trunks but rarely dose it to avoid notice by people
Accessoriesnone anything he needs he can find easy
Weaponryblack claws and anything put in his paws
Outstanding Featuresalthough he dosen't like to show it he's muscle bound but wears something to cover usully his cloths,long sharp black claws

Personality & Background

Personalitytries to be happy always nice and polite,never gets angrey anyone who has seen him angery is ether dead or a vegtebale, althou he like busty girls he's shy and he respect women and dosen't make thier chest size a factor. also he is loyal to anyone who shows hom loyalty and respect. althou he can get emotional with the ones closeist to him he often forget that he's a huge poler bear that must bury his emotions and leave them how they are
Backgroundonce a killer for the king of the frozen north ronack's final duty was to take the life of a small boy erik. when ronack refused the king sent his gaurds to kill ronack and the boy ,ronack with a fraction of his power destroyed his former master castle defeating all the gaurds leaving them alive but never able to serve the king again. Ronack left with erik hanging from his shoulder the king alone surrounded by his fallen gaurds. Ronack parted ways with erik leaving him with his family and ronack contiuned off into the tundra alone. he found a cave and set up his home there waiting for death and his sins against life to be forgiven. 5 years pasted and Ronack was visited by erik now a young man and with that Ronack made a new goal for himself to live life and making the world a better place as well as fufilling his own dreams of friends and of true love.
Likeslikes anime,movies,video games, snow of course, hanging outwith his growing amount of friends, reading,writing books,bodybuilding to a degree, art,and likes very busty girls
Dislikespeople who make black people into horrible sterotypes,rap,assholes on Xbox live,slutty dressing girls,and people calling him fat when its muscle covered in fur
Locationthe abanodoned frozen waste of the far north the real me is in maryland im always on aim so drop me a line
Occupationpast:hitman for royalty present:hermit
Additional Infoavailible on xbox live as GunMetalBlack09 tell no one how you found this gametag >.>

Just for Fun

Favourite Quoteone must walk there own path but if thier eyes stray from the path they might fall down a ravine

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