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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMomigi
Age85 (22 when Kaya)
Height4'11 (old) 5'1 (young)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhen in her old form her fur is grey, with a slate grey mask around the eyes. When young light brown with a black mask around the eyes.
Hair ColourSilver traveling down to the small of her back. When old, balck replacing silver when young.
Eye ColourAn icy blue
ClothingUsually silk or some other finary that's only comfortable, but looks good as well.
AccessoriesShe's usually seen with a cane and pipe.
WeaponryHoly wards, and purrifying wards. Also you know that cane and pipe, they aren't exactly harmless. Though in Momi's hands almost anything is dangerous.
Outstanding FeaturesFor a fur that's only five foot one at best, that bust size sure says different. D's for christ sake >.>

Personality & Background

BackgroundMatriarch of Kusanagi's family. A pupil to Kusa's mother Siera, not to mention part time lover. After Siera died she fell of the map, only making her presence known again once she stumbled across a certain red eyed teenager.