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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAerlind Lorthaend (a.k.a The BeastSlayer)
SpeciesHalf elf/half wolf.
Age1700 (looks like shi was 22 years old)
Height1,80 m.
Weight77 Kg.
SummaryA grey fur anthro wolf with a silver mane and large pointed ears dressed with a mage like toga.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHir fur is soft grey and white in the underbelly.
Hair ColourLong silver mane hair.
Eye ColourBrown.
ClothingA very simple cyan colour toga with gold and silver tailored elfic runes.
AccessoriesA staff made of meteoric steel and mythril.
WeaponryShi knows all the existing spell from the Hig Elfīs wizardry school, all the spells from the humans elemental magic and some demon enchantments. 1š Dan of bojutsu, shi can use hir mage staff as a weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesHir "manga elf" like pointed ears and "almond" shaped eyes, for donīt mention hir very athletic constitution.

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet, calm, patient, inquisitive, lusty.
BackgroundAerlind was born in a very distant universe where circes (a race of beastmen) live with races like elfs, dwarves, humans, ogres and others. The circes was a very simple tribal race with a bronze age like technology and a celtic/germanic barbaric culture with a animistic shaman like religion. Compared with the other great races, like their neigberhoods The Hig Elf Empire and the Dwarfkind Kingdoms who had a reinassence and near to modern like cultures respectively, they was a very simple race who never represent a thread to anyone. Living near to the coast, sometimes circes villages resive attacks from Dark Elves pirates who storm them in search for slaves and the extremely apreciated quinovar (a very extremely rare mineral capable of increase magic to godlike levels whe used in rituals and even turn a mortal into a demigod if itīs consumed as a potion in great number). During one of these raids, Aerlind mother was violently raped by a dark elve official. Exiled by the tribe when her packmates know she was "profaned" and corrupted, Glauranna decide to sail to elven lands and raise her child there, but during the travel she gave birth to Aerlind and died in the process. The newborn was near to die by starbing in the middle of the sea but a merchantile elven ship find the little boat hearing the crying of the baby hybrid. When Enthyrl from the great noble house of Lorthaend find the dead body of the circe wolfess carrying a strange baby, he look ath this as a portent of the destin and decide to rise the child as his only heirn. Educated as an equal in the elven imperial court, Aerlind turn into the most important wyzard of hir time and fynally shi achieve the most important place in the Empire, emperorīs magic affairs councelior. When the dwarves of the Dwarvkind Kingdoms discover the existence of the quinovar mineral in circeīs lands and the dark elfs operations there, they decide to ally with the elvens into a militar campaign for destroy all the existing mines of this material, shi was elected as great commander of the imperial army and the migthy dwarf legions. Ath the beginning of the campaign, a dark elf alquimist prisionner tell to hir the true origin of the quinovar. The extremely powerful materal is produced by circes phosilissed corpses then the only way for erradicate the quinovar was exterminating all the circes from the face of the world. Aerlind know this was the oppurtunity of avenge hir biological mother death and finally shi lead hir troops into circe territory for exterminate them all. The circes tribe qualition was uncapable of resist the inmense elven and dwarf army, their wood archs and arrows was no match for the dwarf cannons and gunpodwer weapons, circes shamanic magic was no rival for the great elven magic and finally the circe race was totally annihilated and their remains burned for donīt leave any rest capable of turn into quinovar. Zuthrull, the father god of the circes, enraged by the crime commised by Earlind appear in the middle of the roaring fyre made with the corpses of his people. Zuthrull was a muscular behemot tiger made enterly of living quinovar and even the great army lead by Aerlind was uncapable of defeat a foe with that power. In a single night, Zutrhull destroy the entire army witouth effort and take Aerlind as a prisionner. In the circe hell, Aerlind was tortured by Zuthrull but when shi was near to die, shi remember Zutrhull was a god of good and hell was not his place (a god in a anatagonist spiritual realm lost all his inmunity and invulnerability power). Using all hir magical power shi overcharged Zuthrull body with a powerful battle spell and the tiger god exploded freeing hir. Witouth circe gods, the circe heaven and hell began to disappear in the spiritual void. Aerlind use a teleportation spell trying to come back to hir world but accidentaly shi arrive to the BigFurīs universe. After somedays living in the streets and sleeping in the parks, shi meet a wherewolf called Wolfie who after a very agressive first meet become hir guide trough the city and the woods near to it. Wolfie guide Aerlind to a secret place where lays a powerful kind of glowing and shinny plant and a magic artifact what seems to be a giant pearl, there Aerlind do some magical experiments with the plant as shi looks in the newspaper for a new home.
LikesGood wine, art from classic to manierist styles,poetry, literature, european woods and countryside, salads with fish, swing, philosophy.
DislikesVulgarity, waste hir time talking about simple and mundane things.
LocationIn Wolfieīs secret place.
Additional InfoShi thinks hir arrival to the BigFurīs universe is somekind of test by the gods for find redemption. For another side shi feels envy for the power and the size of some creature there... Shi fall in love for hir guide and mentor in this strange world, Wolfie.