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Am I cute, or am I not cute? Go on, give me a hug! Please :)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSlothpuck
Species3-Toed Tree Sloth
SummaryAs palavras do sloth desconhecido . Maybe. :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBrown thick, shaggy fur.
Hair ColourBrown thick, shaggy fur.
Eye ColourNormal for a sloth ;)
ClothingMy fur makes the best clothes I could ever have! My fur is quite thick and shaggy, it also hides ahem....my "unmentionables". I guess I'm a walking shagpile carpet :) !
AccessoriesNormally not carrying any accessories. Jus' me.
WeaponryNone. I do not have any weaponry or special abilities.
Special AbilitiesNone
Outstanding FeaturesSometimes active, though mainly asleep. Feels more active at night sometimes than day, but sometimes I might dissapear for long periods of time. Please note that I am anthro, so I can walk upright (but really slowly!), but I can also climb in trees like normal sloths.

Personality & Background

PersonalityLikes to make friends. Can be very shy sometimes and/or be very forgetful. Very loyal too.
BackgroundI used to live in a forest along with many other tree sloths until I eventually .... somehow ..... made my way to Furrymuck and Lofty bearing! After that moved onto second life, then here and also on furaffinity.
LikesMacrofurry, Megafurry (or BIGGER!), normal furry, furry hugs, fursuits, furry puppetry, muscly and/or fat BIG furs, vore, RPing with my furiends. A Macro and mega and larger fur lover. I <3 GIANT FURS!
DislikesHate driven individuals, people who just want to attack me or treat me like I'm dirt, nasty closed-minded individuals, people who just like to cause trouble and use dirty tricks. And Microsoft!
LocationCurrently I have two homes: On Furfaffinity and bigfurs.com. My human comes from the UK .
OccupationJust doing what a sloth does best. :) Sleeping....hehe! Zz
Additional InfoCurrently, I'm looking for a mate. I'm gay, btw. :) ! My human also believes that he either has the spirit of a tree sloth, or a tree sloth totem. Last update to all of this: May 2014

Just for Fun

Favourite QuotePRINT CHR$(34) ! (Bad joke :) )

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