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The Fluffy Husky of Doom

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMat
SpeciesAmber Husky
HeightUsually 7ft but can change size at will
Weightdepends on height
SummaryHello I'm Mat, thanks for reading my profile. I am a amber and white furred anthro husky who is very friendly and likes to make new friends. I can be extremely shy and I feel that it really holds me back and stops me from joining in with groups as much as I could, so if you see me around feel free to say hello. I am a size-shifter so I can be practically any size that is required. Hopefully that has told you a little more about me, see ya around. ^_^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCovered in soft and sleek amber and white coloured fur over his entire body. The amber fur flows down his back, sholders, outer thigh and the top half of his tail. The white fur coveres the rest of his body down his front, arms, and legs, and the lower half of his tail.
Hair ColourThe fur on the front of his head and over his muzzle is white while over his ears and over the top and back of his head is amber. The fur on his forehead seems to to be arranged in a spiky pattern.
Eye ColourA shining green.
Clothinghis clothing consists of a pair of smooth leather pants, not the tight form hugging kind, but the looser ones, with zippers from the hem of them up to about halfway up mats lower legs, which could be freely zipped and unzipped. Along the front, and the back of his pants was sewn in a design of Blue flames, the shininess of the fabric almost making the pants seem to have the illusion of being covered in blue flames. On his normally bare torso he now wore a matching vest, unzipped, and made of the same fabric as his pants, as well as also sporting the same optical illusion inducing flame design. On each of his wrists was a loose leather band adorned with several small metal spikes, that matched his collar which bore the tag of ownership "Property of Dragonien Hitsume" the tag was made of a shiny metal... actual gold, and set in the middle of the tag was a small ruby, as if a signification of some higher status, as well as the leather strap of the collar sported similar metallic spikes to the ones his wrists had
AccessoriesHe doesn't really have any accessories exept for a few ancient scrolls which he aquired some time in his past, these scrolls are written in a strange language which even he has trouble translating, from what he has been able to translate so far, the scrolls seem to show how to use a few basic magic spells..
WeaponryDoesn't use any weapons, If he has to fight he preferes it to be hand to hand combat, however if he ever has to use a weapon it would be a staff/spear

Personality & Background

PersonalityMat is a very friendly person but is also extremely shy,he will tend to stay back most of the time as he finds it hard to join in with groups randomly. He tries his best to remain cheerful as much as he can and likes to make others feel good too if he is able. If someone is feeling bad he will kindly offer his advice or a listening ear to try and help them out.
BackgroundMat awoke to find himself in the middle of some old ruins, he is unsure of how he got there but because he found himself alone in this new place, he decided to explore around new areas, it was shortly after this that he descovered his size-shifting ability.
LikesGenerally likes nature, he really likes growth/shrinking but most of the time likes to be made to feel small next to someone. He likes to make new friends and even likes the occasional snuggle.
DislikesHe doesnt like it when people treat others badly.
Additional InfoMat is a pet to Dragonien Hitsume

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Fascinating, one of histories great mysteries solved, the dinosaurs were in fact wiped out, by your pants." - Quote from Blackadder

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