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Original owned by Nesil, done for him by Adam Wan. Closest pic to my fursona. ^_^

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTrithios Marduex Kralen
SpeciesGray Wolf
SummaryPrides himself on his reliability to others, promising to be there always to help strengthen his allies with a helping paw and intuitive advice to keep them strong. His eyes are ever-searching, always observing and curious about his surroundings, taking in every detail with precision. He is ever resourceful, and usually relies on little in his daily life to stay happy, although the luxuries are very livable. :)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray fur covers the length of his back and sides, covering his legs completely down to his toes and pink underpads beneath his fore-(hands) and hind-paws. Pure snow-white fur covers from the underside of his neck down to disappear underneath his genetalia, covering his pecs and abbs and blending into the gray of his sides, disappearing in between the faded gray hair in between his inner thighs.
Hair ColourGray over his perked, aware ears, and stretching around the back of his head. White covers the underside of his muzzle, a gray landing-strip stretching down the bridge of his nose from his black leathery nosepad, seperating it as it tapers at his fluffed cheeks, fading into the gray once more. His hair, barely noticable from his regular fur other than the fact that it is rather unkempt. Small spikes stick up between his ears to give him a younger, more innocent look.
Eye ColourColors of the late changing summer show through in his eyes. Green and brown swirls surrounding black vortexes like a brown islands surrounded in green seas.
ClothingHe usually wears a green button-up shirt, just slightly baggy as it hangs over his relatively light khaki cargo pants. A black leather belt holds them aloft on his hips. Depending on the weather, he may choose to wear shorts, but oddly, this wuff's outfit seems to never change.
AccessoriesA black collar with gold seams among the top and bottom length surrounds his neck, a silver tag adorning it in the shape of a dragon like a pendant, it's silver wings are spread and tail curling around what looks like a golden dagger.
WeaponryHe carries upon his back at times a large mystic and powerful sword. It's side is a thin three feet in width, and sharp enough to cut like butter. It doesn't taper off like most swords, but is instead flat and sharp on the end, curling like a scyth over to the opposite end. On the opposite, duely sharp edge, is a curvature like that of a crescent moon. The hilt is bright red, and capped at the end by a large orange and blue orb, holding and crescent moon and a star inside. A crescent moon is etched into the metal at the end of the sword, as large as the width, and gleaming in the light. He often calls it "Illuminaris".
Outstanding FeaturesTwo small pure white strips in the shape of opposing scyths show upon his back , shaping around his shoulder blades. Usually hidden behind his shirt.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHis actions usually speak louder than words, although he is very talkative. He tends to see the good in all furs he meets, although he is shy when meeting new friends. He has a hard outer shell, but once broken through can be the nicest fur you'll meet. He often goes out of his way to make sure everyone is safe and happy, and cares a lot for his 'pack'. Always ever loyal, as all canines are, he prides himself on his reliability and his friend's trust in him. Due to his survival skills, he tends to be very relaxed, sometimes mistakenly to the point of being apathetic.
BackgroundRaised in a neutral colony for the first few years of his puppyhood, he did odd chores for his parents and pack community around his small village. Unfortunately one day, the warring East and West nations came to battle for the ownership of his still nuetral town, trying to force them to make a decision for alliances. The ensuing battle that burned left him homeless, and tragically, an orphan. A lone soldier from one of the nations, a feline warrior, took pity upon him, and took him to be raised among the Western Kingdom. Although many years later, despite their kindness, he could not agree with their warring and corrupt ways, and giving a sorrowful goodbye to his family, he set off to find a home and refuge away to once again find a nuetral colony, or to start one of his own. He is well on his way, finding many friends to help him in his quest.
LikesHe has a general like for all living things that walk the earth, and often finds his most enjoyable experiances walking among the trees and nature, taking in it's beauty. When he's not enjoying that, he likes to relax in his home, cooking a nice meal or entertaining himself with his computer and television.
DislikesDishonesty and abandonment. A firm believer in communication, and slightly a diplomat because of it. He stands firm against unfair treatment and the inability to make compromises, so the world can remain peaceful. Betrayel is an instant black mark in his book, and if it is against him, nearly unforgivable.
LocationA small home by a fresh water river, deep in the forest.
OccupationHe studies most of the time, although he has a natual knack for zoology and psychology. He also love writing in his spare time, but has yet to publish his works.
Additional Info-Mostly prefers RP, freeform being his forte. He plays fair and uses his keen intellect in physics to determine outcomes in battle, so that everything may remain realistic and fair. He knows magic, but very rarely uses it, wanting to stick to the more natural remedies. -Male preferenced, he never just gives himself out to even the most attractive of furs on a whim. He whole-heartedly believes in close intimacy and long lasting partnerships. He is open to almost all types of pleasure, save the more violent forms of attention. To him, sex does not include bloodshed, but the opposite, closeness and silent intimate bonding, like a concrete vow.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteThink nobody cares about you? Try missing a few payments...

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