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Vital Statistics!

Character NamePyro
SpeciesDraconiant (half dragon, half human)
Age22 years (Fisical); 2000 years (Spiritual)
Height1.73 mts
Weight69,9 kilos
SummaryIm 1.70 mts , 22 years old, normaly nice, but it likes to fight others bigger than him and stronger than him.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright fire red
Hair ColourAsh grey hair
Eye Colourfire red
Clothingnormaly he dress with a t shirt (normaly grey), a pair of black asbesto shorts, and over the shorts a pair of jeans
Accessoriesa watch, cigarrets... a cellphone covered with asbesto, and a mp3 player (also covered)
WeaponryEh, well he is really fast, and he always say "Fire doesnīt have any more secrets to me", all this plus clows on his hands and feets. Oh i almost forgot, when he wants he can shot an energy ray from his mouth, he callīs it "Dragonīs Breath"
Outstanding Featureshe can fly , because of the two "flame wing" than work as propulsors. Also his scales extremele hard, and can reach very high temperatures

Personality & Background

Personalityhe is lively, but reflexive, he undertads that ditferences must exist, he got a good sense of humor. In some point he is like a brat, watching cartoons, and reading mangas, but he prefers to go to a good Pub, and hear some music
BackgroundWell, he is basically a soldier. but its not a muscle head, he likes to read, and watch tv, but it also likes to fight. He was human once, but when he was 19 he was traped during an execice in the military academy in Chile (his country), he was able to survive, but not as a human. since that incident he lost contact with his family and friends, and start a jouney.
Likes...Cats, before he reach his actual form, he used to be a human, and he like cats... he like other thing to, but he feels closer to cats, because it makes him remember his past life. He also likes playin Rol (Werewolf, Changeling, Mage)
DislikesPeople who abuse from their power or their size, he also hates sociology, politicians, and ... spiders.
LocationRight now he is looking for certain university were furryes can study. And to find a place that doesīt make him feel strange.
OccupationHe is studing by his own, but he was a military oficer before he transform.
Additional InfoNot much to said, but he has a friend (human) who found him after the transformation. his name is Alex. he is also military and his link to the human world for now.