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Vital Statistics!

Character NameTwitch_the_Dracoraptor
SpeciesDracoraptor (Dragon Velociraptor Hybrid)
Weight190 pounds
SummaryTwitch is a Dracoraptor who stands on digitigrade legs at a height of 6', chestnut brown feathers on his head and down his neck. He has metalic blue protective plate scales covering his throat, chest and abdomen. He has the usual raptor body shape, leathery skin, features and marking but coupled with dragon wings, razor-edge tail spade and short razor blades along his spine. Wears Jeans with a belt and a button-up t-shirt which he leaves open to show off the metalic blue scales. He also carries an MP3 player with him and dog tags around his neck everywhere he goes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour-Usual leathery skin colour and markings of a Velociraptor with metalic blue armour plate scales covering the throat, chest and abdomen
Hair Colour-chestnut brown feathers that cover the top of his head and runs down his neck
Eye Colour-slit pupil -Eyes glow phosphorously aquablue (allows him to "sense other living beings around him")
Clothing-Open blue button-up T-shirt -Comfort fit blue Jeans with a belt
Accessories-Mp3 player with neckband headphones -Dogtags
Weaponry-SPAS-12 (Spazzy) -Dual custom Glock 18 (Fury and Wrath) -Multi-purpose Sawn-off shotgun -FN P90 -Dual Vibro blades with cortosis ore -Speed and agility -Razor edge tail spade -Claws -Teeth -Blue Combat Tuned Miata -And pretty much anything else he can get...
Special Abilities-The Dragon part of him gives him the only thing considered a power; a protective Aura against anything metaphysical(magic, powers, energy, etc) - His eyes can see life force - Accelerated Metabolism gives him regenerative abilities and fuels his ungodly stamina
Outstanding Features-Digitigrade legs -Razor-edge tail spade -dark stripes from his neck down, a few on his muzzle, along his triceps and forearms and on the thighs and down along the outside of his legs. -Short razor blades along his spine -slender but toned build -Built for speed and agility

Personality & Background

Personality-Very open minded and Social being, if theres no hit put out on you. -Laid back and relaxed when not on a job -suffers from mild paranoia but uses it to avoid danger
Background-Grew up an orphan -Survived by stealing -Was drafted in the first World war and the second World War -Wants to become a World Reknowned Mercenary
Likes-Adrenaline Rushes -The colour blue -Parkouring -Violence for profit -Playing with macros -Violin
Dislikes-Getting caught -Screwing up a contract -media pirahnas (Papparazzi) -Magic -powers -godly powers
Occupation-Mercenary who is loyal and will do anything for profit
Additional Info-Doesn't fly much, prefers using the art of mouvement known as Parkour -Incredibly fast and agile, uses Parkour to escape danger and move around while he uses Gun Kata for gun fights. -Loves to play the violin sometimes -Never seen breathing fire, assumed that he can't

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"life to me is just a complex game and I

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