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Vital Statistics!

Character NameGinuss Pygen "Guinee pig"
SpeciesMandalorian clone/ Human
Age12 years
Height1.83 meters
Weight243 lbs.
SummaryGinuss is Mando'a for Stupid, and Pygen is Mando'a for hero, but at the facilities on Kamino, the other clones called him Guinee pig, for his stupidity, and his gulability. He is so dumb, he'd eat a spoon full of dirt if you told him it tasted like chocolate. But some how.... He thinks he is smart, and he DOES prove it, he can take apart a tank completely and put it back together as if it was brand new. He can snipe a fly two miles away from him and not kill it. Plus, he is the technical expert of the team, and does all the work, Theta his leader, hates Pygen. Pygen tries to impress him, but makes Theta despise him more... He is scared of his SIC, Necromancer. Pygen thinks Necro is a bully and a jerk, and thinks Theta is his best friend.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHuman skin color
Hair ColourBlack
Eye Colourbrown
ClothingKatarn Class commando armor, (beleive it or not....) purple sniper paint work
AccessoriesSniper pack on shoulder, blaster pack on his boot, and his sniper, blaster, and Anti Armor attachment carrier. His comms pak.
WeaponryDC-17m blaster rifle, DC-17m Sniper attachment, DC-17m Anti armor attachment, thermal detonators, EC detonators, advanced fusion mines.
Outstanding FeaturesHe is like every other clone

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe may look like one of the best commandos, but he is Stu... pid, he has a mental disorder when he came out of the cloning tank, when he grew up, he thought the training was a fraternity initiation, and now he thinks he is a foreign exchange student out in space. Although the other clones call him dumb, he doesn't think he is, he has that "I don't care what nobody thinks of me" thing, and ignores them. He has a heart bigger than his head, and is very friendly. He is the only one mortally strong enough to lift a fully armored tank over his head, and chuck it thirty feet into the air. Figures.. All brawl and no brain.
BackgroundEmbyotic moron
LikesBlowing stuff up, sniping, toying with junk, exploring, and adventures, he normally wishes to impess his squad leader Theta, but ends up making him hate Pygen more.
DislikesHis leader
LocationAlways by Theta
OccupationClone Commando of Rho Squad
Additional InfoHe is dumb.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteTheta told Pygen once that nobody likes him, but Pygen responds with "I like me, I always do"