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I'm the green one, the Lead

Vital Statistics!

Character NameTheta
SpeciesMandalorian clone/ Human
Height1.83 meters
Weight253 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHuman skin colour
Hair Colourblasck
Eye Colourbrown
ClothingKatarn Class commando armor, green leader's paint job
AccessoriesHis Holster on his thigh, thermal detonator pack, Leader's shoulder Euplate, and his sniper, blaster, and Anti Armor attachment carrier. His comms pak.
WeaponryDC-17m blaster rifle, DC-17m Sniper attachment, DC-17m Anti armor attachment, thermal detonators, EC detonators, advanced fusion mines.
Outstanding FeaturesBossy, hardheaded, and identical to his mandalorian brothers

Personality & Background

PersonalityStubborn and truly pig headed, he has a strange hatred at guinee pig, and is scared of Necromancer. He despises everything, and he thinks technology hates him, due to the fact the R.A.S.'s computer keeps spurting oil at him.
LikesKeping his squad in line, to try and kill Guinee pig
DislikesHis Squad, Guinee Pig, Necromancer, everything, even his life, the Trade Federation, fighting, technology.
OccupationClone commando, Leader of Rho Squad
Additional InfoHe is happy that his squad keeps him alive, but humiliation gets thrown at him like a ton of bricks.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Cut the chatter you two!", "Someone or something kill me..., "You stupid computer, (Kicks) OUCH!!!""