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Vital Statistics!

Character NameArrekusu Aina Vulpnine
SpeciesKitsune (2-Tailed)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourArrekusu could be viewd as a typical red fox except for the fact she has two toned markings instead of the normal red/black/white. Others however pointed out that Arrekusu might be viewed with black markings as well.
Hair ColourShort pink hair down to neck's length. Ruffled most of the time with no dishtingusing features.
Eye ColourDark crystal blue eyes. In comparison the same blue as found on the hope diamond.
ClothingNormally Arrekusu will wear a fleece lined leather pilot's jacket with insignia and patches of the Flying Tigers on it as well as a pair of rugged leather aviators pants. To top it off she'll either wear a pair of glasses or sunglasses.
AccessoriesWhen pilotting an aircraft, Arrekusu will often wear an electornic kneeboard. Other than that, she will wear a collar around her neck with an attached crystal made of an unknown pure blue crystal.
WeaponryBeing traditional in the recent times. Arrekusu will often carry around a sheathed katana on her left side which she utilizes quite often in pratice sessions. She also carries around a M1911 .45 Caliber pistol but this is rarely seen much anymore.
Outstanding FeaturesAside from being a two-tailed kitsune, Arrekusu has little pink rings on the white tips of her tails. An uncommon trait in her family.

Personality & Background

PersonalityArrekusu is easy going and often times spacey. She can sit in a crowd and loose track of the coversation only to find them asking question if she's alright or what she thinks on the topic at hand. Alex(Arrekusu) however gets engraged when she is provoked without reason.
BackgroundDue to Aina's busy nature, Alex(Arrekusu) became astranged to her mother. Being raised by the Imperial House and her grandfather Meiji instead. By that time Meiji was acting as though he were much older and cared for the young Alex, teaching her ways of both war and peace as well as various sciences and engineering principles. Alex was gifted in such as she can understand all things mechnical and adapt to them quickly as well as develop new things from old. However from a young age it was clearly shown that Alex had no interest in the deep space exporations that were starting to take place. Faster than Light drive was re-discovered and exporation once again resumed from the Acypolitic age. At her adolescense, she was mildy trained on how to use conventional and beam firearms as well as the art of the blade. It was entering her adult age that Alex decided to wander from the Imperial House and find out things on her own. She lost contact with her home during travels but as far as her grandfather Meiji was concerned, she was looked upon as a free spirit and an enlightened kitsune.
LikesQuiet peaceful days of flying or boating. Hanging out with friends. Making the most out of her exploring.
DislikesClingy people who go with her every step of the way. Anything to interrupt her flying/boating. Freinds asking her for a dogfight when she doesn't want to.
LocationDue to Arekusu's explorative nature, she is not found in one particular place. If you intend to look for her, she is most often found working and living out of Abbotts Aerodrome in Second Life.
OccupationArrekusu can be a found as a jack of all trades however her main profession is the management of her own aircraft compnay and the watchful commander of a local airport.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Mmm..."