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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKaiser Mobius Redflame
SummaryHeyo, all! This slot says i'm supposed to say a few things about me, but i've a better idea....anyone who wishes to get to know me can send me an email, so that i can get to know people better around here, and be more social. i'm a shy dragon who's mainly anti-social, but i'm trying to change that, so Email me! ^.=.^

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourCrimson, with Distinguishable black stripes running along the sides of the chest, arms, legs and along the top of his tail
Hair ColourNone, he's scaled! >.=.>
Eye ColourChange color according to moods. Golden=normal Crimson=angry Black=feral Ice blue= Depressed/anxious
ClothingClothing? ah, thats right..he needs clothes.... Casual wear includes: Black jeans. thats it Formal wear includes: Trenchcoat, black tank-top, and black jeans. If going for the full spectrum, will wear black form fitting gloves on either hand/paw.
AccessoriesUsually none, except his Runic marking usually glowing magically upon his left arm, that creates an inertial dampener to slow all objects heading towards him to non lethal speeds. That, and his sword, the Dragonsmane, usually hovering between his wing blades against his back.
WeaponryThe dragonsmane: a family heirloom passed down to each generation. Said to switch weapon forms to suit each dragons preferance, its current form is that of a greatsword.
Outstanding Featuresthe scar across his right eye, from something that happened in his past, and the ability to shift his size from 12ft-500ft max size

Personality & Background

PersonalityOutgoing, but at the same time, shy. Wont do anything new without someone else to do it with, Usually likes intellectual discussions if his brain can handle it, but loves talking about current games/movies/anime and which ones were better. once you get him out of his shell, he's a really nice dragon ^.=.^
BackgroundDubbed the prince of darkness for his chaotically evil intentions towards humans and those who defied him, the title only seems to fit those that cross the dragon now, as he struggles between both the light and shadow, trying to find his balance. While Kind and understanding, even going to great lengths to help someone out, when his anger rises, one can truly see why he was a force to be reckoned with in the past...and still is, if one is unlucky enough to envoke his wrath...
LikesArt,reading fantasy novels (vampires, dragons, etc) video games, computers, baseball, bonfires at the beach, baths, being with friends, making friends, lightning storms, anime, mmorpgs (Go everquest 2! whoot! anyone who plays that specifically, Email me!) and paws (pawslut, despite being 12ft tall himself) and loves to have his paws played with as well
DislikesRain (unless he's in swimming shorts), commanding people, athorities, superiors, or anyone who thinks they're better than him. Bad anime translations from japanese to english (Naruto...i mean, come on, the voice actors suck!) and well...thats it, i think...Oh! and roller coasters! anyt kind of ride with a drop on it, as well...
LocationHis castle, hidden from most places as it is encircled by mountains. called "Dark Blood Castle" For a reason, due to its past and because kaiser abducted humans for food and drink from the nearby villages
OccupationNo current occupation, usually keeps to himself unless friends come and visit him in his macro-sized castle. the castle is built extra large so that he can size shift to his larger size of 180 feet, but not big enough for him to shift into his max size at 500ft. built for macros at a max height of 300, but still Very well accomodated for those of normal height, because he likes having friends of varied size, and doesnt want them to feel out of place in his home
Additional InfoThere IS a path to the castle, laid out and joined by one main pathway going to other villages. the people who took the path dissapeared, never to be heard from again...

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote-There are some things that come with the night that no sane man would welcome...I am one of those things...

Stay in Contact

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