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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMistral
Height5ft 1in
SummaryCombining flexibility, grace, and the ability to move almost silently with an immaculate figure, highlighted by her firm, ample chest, a flat tummy, trim waist, her curvaceous hips and her long, slender, equally curvaceous legs, there can be no doubt that Mistral is anything other than a feline. Belying her on-camera personality, in person she is quiet and shy, sometimes coming across as somewhat stuck up due to her reservedness when, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. While she does enjoy knowing that her body gets her lots of attention-and sometimes she'll even let herself be a little bit smug about it-behind her shyness she's really a kind, down-to-earth person who's happy to befriend almost anyone, given a chance.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourMistral's fur-typical of a Serval-somewhat resembles a Cheetah, with rich, golden fur and black spots covering her back. The golden base fades to white on the underside of her jaw, down her neck, over her chest and tummy and down over her inner thighs, with a few black spots lingering around the edges of the fading yellow fur and venturing a bit into the snowy white of her front side, though most of her white fur is pure and unmarred by other colors.
Hair ColourWhite as the fallen snow, to use a cliche, and bit more than shoulder length. Sometimes she wears it tied back in a ponytail, more often she just lets it fall freely.
Eye ColourPiercing, rich emerald green.
ClothingHer favorite outfit for lounging around in is a pair of cutoff jean shorts and her "Porn *" t-shirt, although she does occasionally wear something a bit more elegant.
AccessoriesDiamond stud platinum earrings, three along the back edge of her left ear and two along the back edge of her right, and a similar platinum and diamond stud in her navel. She also has a complete set of corset piercings in her back, with platinum rings that follow the curve of her torso and hips when she chooses to wear them, usually laced with a red or black ribbon.
Special AbilitiesNone that can be discussed in polite company.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAlthough Mistral sometimes comes across as aloof and maybe a bit full of herself, she's more shy than anything, and she's actually quite friendly.
BackgroundShe grew up in an average family; her parents were not especially wealthy but they weren't poor. She did exceptionally well in school, graduating high school at 16 and earning a Ph.D In reproductive biology at 20. After graduating, she went to work as a research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company. She eventually tired of the hours and the politics that came from working for a large corporation, ending up quitting her job to start a company of her own producing adult entertainment products.
LikesMistral enjoys being outside, particularly at the beach, and she enjoys nature in general. Hiking, rock climbing, and swimming are all enjoyable pastimes for her, as is gardening. She keeps fish, and has a pond in her back yard. She also enjoys cars, particularly fast ones, and has a modest collection of classic American muscle cars and European sports cars, which she does much of the maintenance and repairs on herself. She enjoys reading-particularly science fiction-and any movie that can make her think.
DislikesPeople who choose to ignore that her her eyes and ears are in her head-not her tits, people that make assumptions about her intelligence based on her looks and her occupation.
OccupationAdult movie producer/director/actor

Just for Fun

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