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Vital Statistics!

Character NameXypher
SpeciesBlack Dragon
SummaryXypher, the Black Dragon is a nine foot tall muscled black anthromorphic dragon. His head is tipped with twin obsidian black horns that are perfectly smooth like polished metal jutting out from his head pointing backwards. His long snout is tipped with a hard beak like scale cover hiding his needle like teeth under his black lips. His crimson red tongue flicks out its full two feet at you tasting the air. Four eight inch long razor sharp canines protrude out from the middle sides of his mouth Dripping with his thick green saliva. His raven black wings stretch out wide sowing off a wing span of thirty feet and are tipped with massive foot long claws on the knuckles of his wings at the tip of his wings are six inch barbs at the fingers of each of his wings. along the edges of his outer wing fingers are the same thick armoured plates lining his back. His fifteen foot long tail slowly sways from side to side and it tipped with a massive three foot long serrated sword like blade etched into its side is V2.0.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThick scales cover his back in large jagged plates that wrap midway to his sides and are jet black with streaks of red all the way to the tip of his tail looking like blood stains. The front of his chest is covered in horizontal bands across the front starting at his neck and running down the bottom of his tail parallel to his thicker scales all the way. Armoured plates cover the front of his toned legs like plate armour his forearms possess the same protection as his back
Hair Colournone
Eye ColourCrimson eyes looks out from deeply sunken sockets only adding to his dark look.
Weaponrydual Katanas, four inch serrated claws on his hands, six nch long wing barbs, two foot long rear facing horns, three foot long tail blade, a large maw filled with fangs ranging from one centimeter too one foot long. eight inch long serrated claws on his foot paws
Outstanding Featuresa large ragged scar on his chest like someone tore out his heart.