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Vital Statistics!

Character NameMiranda
SpeciesVariable (Usually human or Pikamorph)
Height6'3 + (Human), 11' 10+ (Various anthro)
WeightYou're better off not knowing. -- Genis Sage, Tales of Symphonia

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourIn Miranda's human state, she has red skin like a Native American. In her anthro states, her coloration varies, but gold is usually the persistent color.
Hair ColourMiranda has spiked hair similar to that of (normal DBZ) Goku, but the coloration is gold.
Eye ColourMiranda's eyes are gold, like the rest of her. 'Nuff sed.
ClothingMiranda's clothing consists of a black tank top with a rainbow crescent on the front and blue denim shorts. In her human form, she also has brown leather shoes.
AccessoriesThe only accessory worth noting is the backpack she sometimes carries.
WeaponryMiranda has no real need for weapons - if violence is the only answer and she can't solve it with her fists or with magic, she can't solve it. That list of unsolveables, thankfully, is obscenely small.

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