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Such an innocent lizard...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAquilus
SpeciesSungazer lizard
Height5 foot 10
Weight155 lb
SummaryGreetings all. If you're reading this, you've evidently met me on IRC and are curious about me. Or maybe you're just trolling the database for someone who looks interesting. Regardless, I'm going to have to disappoint you by revealing very little about myself here. It's a hassle to keep lots of different places updated, and I'm a lazy lizard. So go read my Livejournal (it's mostly angst free, I promise) or just say hi to me. Unless I'm in a foul mood, I won't maim you.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGlossy emerald scales, with a band of softer creamy-yellow scales along his stomach and chest.
Hair ColourSpikey scales that draw back into many blunted points, forming a thorny crown behind his head and down his back.
Eye ColourAmber eyes, with black slitted pupils.
ClothingUsually found naked, though if forced into clothing, lots of skimpy tribal-style leather.
AccessoriesHis thirteen foot burmese python, Shenara.
WeaponryBiting sarcasm. Razor sharp wit. Lashing tongue.
Outstanding FeaturesHisses! A lot!

Personality & Background

PersonalityGet to know me. It'll be far easier for both of us, than me trying to cram all the complexities of my psyche into this little text box.
LikesInteresting people. Reptiles - specifically snakes - specifically the large constricting kind. People who aren't afraid to express their desires and explore their sexuality.
DislikesVery little.
LocationSouthern UK
OccupationBasking in the sun.
Additional InfoLike snakes? Or just chatting to friendly people? Come join us in #snakepit }:>

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