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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIris
SpeciesWhite mouse alien
AgeLooks 17 or 18, actually 45
Height4' 10 (147 cm)
Weight96 pounds
SummaryA short white mouse with long silver hair flowing and floating to her knees and deep lake-blue eyes in a pleasant, smiling, seemingly innocent face. Iris wears a light blue silken short-sleeved half-shirt that is far too snug over the tremendous breasts it contains, leaving her tummy exposed. Close-fitting slightly darker blue bike shorts over very wide hips cover thighs way too thick for her height, all tight heavy curves like a gymnast pumped up massively, leading to immense calves. No shoes are worn, only these spat-like boot-socks, a ring over her middle toe holding them in place. A deep blue fingerless glove is worn on her left hand, while her right hand is adorned by strange wristband and back-of-hand bejewelled ornament in lapis blue, sapphire blue, the deepest blue nearly black, and bright silver, delicate silver chains coming to an end on a ring on her middle finger also of silver. A tail band is worn, the innermost part seated at the last 1/3 of her tail, its' 6" length made in silver, heavily enameled in midnight blue.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBright pure white, short and meticulously well-kept, smelling of sandalwood and cedar.
Hair ColourPure metallic silver, very fine strands tending to flow and float, going all the way down in a thick fluffy mass to her knees.
Eye ColourDeep lake-blue, almost unnatural-looking.
ClothingA tight-fitting sleeveless half-shirt in light blue, barely covering over a set of far-too-big breasts; A pair of darker blue bike pants going from low on her hips to mid-thigh, stuffed to the bursting point by her hips, thighs and butt; Single blue fingerless glove worn on her left hand.
AccessoriesThe odd-looking mix of bracelet and ring ornament worn on her right hand and forearm. (This device is in actuality a very powerful psychic amplifier, though one very artfully crafted to look like jewelry.)
On her belt is a fanny pack crammed with odds and ends, along with a slew of alien currency, all from different places and in all sorts of denominations both large and small

Not often seen directly, but outlined clearly under her tight shirt are a pair of nipple rings piercing VERY thick nipples. A belly-button ring with pendant adorns her tight, trim tummy. A long, ornate silver and blue-enamel tail-band almost 6" end to end is close-fit to the last 1/3 of her tail. Maybe more, but nothing seen in public ever.
WeaponryNone carried, ever, and will not use weapons handed her, even in direst circumstances. In her heart, Iris feels that weapons and the need to use weapons is basically a mark of those too weak or primitive to have honed their minds as weapons.
Special AbilitiesIris is a psychic, though one with some VERY unconventional, seemingly magical manifestations. For example, her pyrokinesis looks much like a magical fireball, while its' reverse frequently looks like a snowstorm. In addition, Iris combines powers, with odd combinations like telekinesis and fire, creating heatless solid fire.
Despite this, she IS psychic, not magic.

Of special note is Iris' esper lens, the object worn on her right arm. This device, of alien origin and using technology so advanced as to essentially be magic, magnifies Iris' psionic powers one hundred fold, turning someone who normally may be powerful enough to harm or affect a person powerful enough to damage large starships or immense numbers of people. It is currently attuned to her, making it useless to others, though another psychic could attune to it in a few days' time.

Lastly and os special note: Iris is slightly out of sync with the universe, an uncontrolled side-effect of her coming from her reality to this one. This effect drastically (96%) reduces the effects of any magic or psi spell or ability used on her. Through an act of will, she can negate this effect for a short time, but it will always spring back up. This can be a two-edged sword, though, as it prevents even useful, "friendly" abilities from affecting her just as much as it does harmful or bad spells and abilities.
Outstanding FeaturesAn eerie calm about her; birds fall silent when she passes, animals stare. She wears an almost disturbing smile on her lips ALL the time, even when in the worst of situations.

Personality & Background

PersonalityStrange. Just damn strange. Always looks like she knows more than she says. Creepy, in a friendly, odd way.
BackgroundAll she has ever said is she is an alien, a traveler, and psychic. Her abilities, however, sometimes (on the surface) seem to not be those of a psychic (unusual manifestations).
LikesApparently likes being around people, hugging, snuggling, and just being.
DislikesInjury (unasked-for), death (unexpected), rape, idiocy.
LocationBehind your best friend, smiling as she watches him freak.
OccupationUnknown, and she never tells, though she has a myriad of skills in a slew of fields, including being a skilled starship navigator and pilot, an engineer, and a general Jill-of-all-trades.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteOh, really now? How...interesting. No, you bore me.